Watch Hines Ward Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Performance Video – Tango

With all of the recent Mendengate news and the NFL draft stuff, I failed to post the latest video of the week 7 performance of Hines Ward and Kym Johnson on Dancing with the Stars this past week. Ward and Johnson danced the Tango this week and it smashed it as you will see in the video below. Hines looked classy in his white coat, black pants and bow tie and seems really relaxed in his performance. Jerome Bettis makes a cameo this week and is the audience to cheer Ward and Johnson as the couple earned their first perfect 10 from a judge. The video is still up on Youtube and you can watch it below online until it is pulled which I guess they have not been policing. I can only imagine the amount of fans in Steeler Nation that call in weekly to vote for him. It is hard to imagine him not winning this thing at this point as he and Kym are smooth as silk.

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