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Video: Steelers Rookie Baron Batch Hawks Down Fellow Rookie Curtis Brown

Lost in the excitement of the Steelers draft this weekend is the funny story about one college football play that links 3rd round draft pick Curtis Brown from Texas and 7th round draft pick Baron Batch from Texas Tech together. When Texas played Texas Tech last season in mid September, Brown intercepted a pass from Tech quarterback Taylor Potts and was on the way to the house until he was chased down by…yep…you guessed it, Batch. The two were asked about the play during their respective conference calls by the media following their selection by the Steelers and their quotes are below. I find it hilarious that they pulled both of them together during their pre draft visits to Pittsburgh to watch it. The video of Batch hawking down Brown is also below.

[flv:http://brsseavideo-ak.espn.go.com/motion/gamecast/bam/mp4/2010/0918/rth_espn_12212813_800.mp4 550 345]

Curtis Brown Conference Call
Question: There’s a YouTube clip of you picking off a pass going about 70, but getting caught from behind. What was that about?

Curtis Brown: I don’t like making excuses, so I don’t want to say because it will make me look like I make excuses, but it was a 12-play drive and I had lower back problems. Either way, he’s a fast tailback. I’m going to give him his props.

Question: Do you know who he is?

Curtis Brown: No, but I actually met him in Pittsburgh and I didn’t know who he was, but he was in the opposite room as me, so we got to meet.

Question: When you visited Pittsburgh?

Curtis Brown: Yes, he was one of the visitors. I got to meet him, he’s really cool. But I don’t like him because he caught me.

Baron Batch Conference Call

Question: Can you take credit for running down Curtis Brown on that interception?

Baron Batch I can take credit for that one. What’s funny is that we were all on the same visit up there, watching that clip together when they pulled it up.

Question: What did you or he say?

Baron Batch Well I was watching it with the special team’s coaches and they brought that up and asked if I was fast. Well I watched this one play, and they brought it up, and they were like, “Oh, that’s Curtis Brown. He’s on the same visit.” So they called him in and it was pretty funny.

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