Rehab Of Steelers LB James Harrison Looks To Be On Track

Steelers linebacker James Harrison looks to be about fully recovered from his two offseason back surgeries he has had at the start of the offseason. As you can see in the video below he posted to his Facebook page today, Harrison is back doing strenuous pushups and shows that his abs are coming back as well.

Harrison had his first surgery on his lower back in the later part of February to remove part of a herniated disk, but needed a follow-up procedure just a few weeks later to clean up the previous procedure. At that time the recovery was expected to take around six weeks or so until Harrison would be back to 100 percent. It has now been 9 plus weeks since the second procedure was done and Harrison, who turned 33 years of age last week, looks no worse for wear.

Harrison reportedly is doing his initial offseason training at Athletes Performance center in Phoenix, Arizona.

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