Hines Ward & Kym Johnson Interview On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Just hours after Steelers receiver Hines Ward and his dance partner Kym Johnson were crowned season 12 champions on Dancing with the Stars, they joined late night talk show host,Jimmy Kimmel, on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a quick interview and you can watch the video below. Jimmy joked with Hines promo of him saying that it was his Super Bowl and Hines responded that they made him say it. Jimmy also asked if there is anything going on between the two and both replied that they are just very good friends. Jimmy asked Kym if she knew that Hines was twice voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers. She said she wants to come to Pittsburgh for a game this upcoming season and Hines says she has already been accepted into the Steeler Nation family. Jimmy ended with asking Hines where he will be putting his new mirror ball trophy and Hines responded that it will go right next to his Super MVP trophy in his house.

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