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Maurkice Pouncey Press Conference Transcript Thursday Super Bowl XLV

Maurkice Pouncey Press Conference Transcript Thursday February 3rd Super Bowl XLV



(on how his ankle is feeling) “It’s feeling good. I actually did more stuff today on the bike. I am not practicing today.”

(on his chances on practicing tomorrow) “There is a good chance. Rehab has been going good for me. If I am out there, I will play and if I’m not, I won’t play. It’s still a 75 percent chance. I am not doing any running yet. We aren’t going to push it that far yet. The biggest issue is the swelling. It’s not all out yet and I’m trying to get all the rotation back into my ankle. It’s been going good.”

(on not wearing a walking boot) “I can walk around, so I feel pretty good about that. I’m wearing a regular tennis shoe and only wearing the boot at night for safety”

(on his mentality) “I’m happy. There are 30 teams sitting at home right now. We are at the Super Bowl. It has been a long road but it’s coming fast. We hope to put on a good show on Sunday.”

(on B.J. Raji) “He is a heck of a player. He is athletic and can really play football. He is one of the top nose tackles in the NFL right now. I have to run my feet and try to drive him off the ball. If you don’t, he will push you back.”

(on Mike Tomlin saying he was the best rookie the coach had ever seen) “It’s crazy. It took a lot of hard work. It wasn’t just me though. The other offensive linemen made me look better. It’s a team effort. We have five guys up front and when they play good, everyone looks good.”

(on needing snaps in practice) “If I’m out there tomorrow, I will probably be taking every snap possible. If I’m not, I will be out there supporting my team. Every center knows that if you don’t get snaps throughout the week, you’re not going to look too good.”

(on not being a finalist for rookie of the year) “It doesn’t matter to me at all. We are in the Super Bowl. They can have Rookie of the Year; they aren’t in the Super Bowl.”

(on his treatment) “I have been doing heavy treatment. I have been in the room doing my own thing. I have been here riding the bike and doing some NormaTec trying to get some of the swelling down. Walking around on it feels really good and hopefully it does tomorrow. It’s been getting better each day.”

(on comparing this injury to his right ankle sprain in college) “This is much worse. It was a shock to have to put the cast on. It’s all for treatment and it had to heal the right way.”

(on Doug Legursky) “It is a big moment for both of us. One of us is going to go out there and play a great game. We are good friends and I don’t; know why everyone thinks he’s not. He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. How many lineman do you know that aren’t good and play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?”

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