2010 Playoffs

Maurkice Pouncey Super Bowl XLV Media Day Interview Transcript



(on the markers for getting to play Sunday)  “As long as I feel good, I’ll make the call.  It’s on me, and if I don’t feel the right, necessary things I feel, if I don’t feel the right way going out there, I’m not gonna play. And if I do, I’m gonna go out there and do what I always do.”

(on the toughest thing about playing with the ankle injury)  “I can get around pretty good.  But you got to get used to pushing around 350 pounders. When I’m walking around and it’s just my weight, it’s pretty easy, but when you’re pushing somebody else, it’s not as easy.”

(on when his playing decision will be made)  “We’re gonna wait until game day.”

(on how hard it will be to make an honest judgment as to playing or not)  “It’s gonna be hard because this is one of the biggest games ever, and for me not to play in it, it’ll be a little tough, but it is what it is, injuries do happen, and I’ve got to be positive about the team and be there for them. And if I can’t play, I’ll be on the bench waving a Terrible Towel.”

(on reports that he’s already been declared out)  “I don’t know where they came from.  Probably from the media.  Me and the doc are the only two that know right now.  I feel good, I’m walking around good today.  I took the cast off and I’ve got this boot on, and it’s going pretty good.  There is no break.  I don’t know where that came from either.  Just a high-ankle sprain.”

(on whether there’s any set of rules for how he’ll come back)  “I wish there was.  I wish I could just call somebody up and it’d all be alright.  But, you gotta go through treatment and then, hopefully, I’ll be ready to play.”

(on how Doug Legursky has done in his place)  “He’s done just as good, maybe better.  He’s a heck of a player. I learn from  him and he learns from me.”

(on being considered very mature, on and off field, for a rookie)  “Well, I think my parents did a great job, and then at the University of Florida, it was awesome.   They really taught us how to do things the right way.  Then when you come up here (Pittsburgh) the first thing you always want to do is try to earn respect from your teammates.  Don’t try to go out and do nothing except for that first, and it’ll all fall in place from there.”

(on does he look back on this season as a personal success)  “I don’t even look at injuries.  Injuries just happen all the time and I don’t look at them.  I just want to be positive with everybody and just try to make it out there and play with my guys.”

(on all the Media Day attention)  “Man, I’m just a little old offensive lineman, I can’t believe this.  Just walking out here through the crowd and all was great.  I think we’re all enjoying it.”

(on making the line calls on each play)  “Every play, I get up there and say if it’s three-down (linemen) or four-down, and call out the Mike (middle linebacker).”

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