2010 Playoffs

LaMarr Woodley Super Bowl XLV Post Game Press Conference

(on what he was thinking about after the game) “We lost the game. Their offense put more points on the board than we did. We allowed them to put points on the board, and they beat us.”

(on why the Steelers couldn’t put pressure on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers) “We let them out of third-down situations. We had opportunities, but whether we were jumping offsides or letting them hit a big play downfield. It started up front, and we didn’t do a good job of getting pressure up front, and we allowed big plays.”

(on frustration over turnovers) “It was a little frustrating, but we had opportunities. We had the opportunity, but we let them out. We had them in a third-down situation, we allowed them to hit the big play downfield for them to keep the chains moving and kick the field goal.”

(on if he thought the Steelers would win when they got the ball back late in the fourth quarter) “I felt like we had a chance. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The defense has to take blame for that, because we allowed them to put points on the board.”

(on trying to come back) “We had opportunities. We knew the offense turned the ball over, but we still had opportunities. We couldn’t defend our end zone, and we allowed them to put the points on the board. No matter what our offense did, we still had our opportunities to defend our end zone.”

(on the mood of the locker room at halftime) “That we still had a whole half to play. It was still early in the game. We’ve been down in that situation before, and we had a whole half to play. The offense can put points on the board, but it’s up to the defense to go out there and stop them.”

(on what the Steelers couldn’t stop) “They were hitting the big plays downfield. We let them out of third-down situations. When you let a team like that out of third-down situations, you lose the game like we did tonight.”

(on how tough Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was) “He was real tough. He was seeing guys, and he was hitting the big plays downfield.”

(on whether Rodgers spreading out the Steelers defense was a key in beating them) “We still had the opportunity to go back there and put some pressure on him. One time, I missed him, but overall, we got some pretty good hits on him. He saw guys open downfield, and he did a good job of hitting them.”

(on if he could explain the Steelers’ mistakes) “I really can’t say. The offense turned the ball, and we still had opportunities to defend our goal. As a defense, we have to step up during a sudden change like that and be prepared to make big plays. During the season, we did, but tonight, we didn’t.”

(on the challenge of having so many sudden changes) “We’re used to it. During the season, we did a good job of going out there and defending our goal. Today, we didn’t. Usually as a defense, we go out there and get turnovers, but today, we didn’t.”

(on how he feels) “You have to deal with losing the same way you deal with winning. It’s going to hurt for a while, but you have to move on. Life still goes on.”

(on the Steelers fans who showed up) “They showed up, and they always do support us. I know we let them down tonight, but all we can do now is look forward to next year.”

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