Mike Tomlin Press Conference Tuesday January 18th Playoffs Steelers Jets

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin press conference on Tuesday January 18th, 2011. Tomlin met the media on Tuesday for the upcoming AFC Championship playoff game against the New York Jets this coming Sunday night. Tomlin takes questions from the local media and gives the injury update. Check out our notes and recap below as we add them. Will be updated over next hour.

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Tomlin says that what he Jets have done so far this season is nothing short of remarkable, going to Indianapolis and New England and beating Colts and pPatriots. Says the Steelers are very familiar with them having already played them and losing to them at Heinz Field. Says Jets use two headed running back attack with Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson and that is very effective. Says QB Mark Sanchez is a growing, developing franchise quarterback with some weapons that he utilizes well. Tomlin called tight end Dustin Keller a difficult matchup and also been looking at what Jerrico Cotchery does for them in the slot receiver spot. Notes line play especially center Nick Mangold who Tomlin says is the standard at center play in the NFL.

Tomlin says the Jets give ton of looks on defense and they used quite a few of them on Sunday against the Patriots. Tomlin said that is the staple of a Rex Ryan defense. Noted the huge game Shaun Ellis had against the Patriots, but says they received quality play from everybody, including linebackers Bart Scott and David Harris. Tomlin says Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie allow a lot of those things to happen with the Jets ability to lock down the football field.

Injury wise Tomlin says we are in great shape. Left tackle Jonathan Scott is going to be alright with his leg, Will Allen has a knee sprain and will be limited early on in the week. Cornerback Bryant McFadden will also be limited early on. The same plan will be used for Troy Polamalu to in regards to being limited early in the week. Aaron Smith will practice this week and they will see where he is at as the week goes on. Flozell adams is recovered from his illness. Even if Aaron Smith is ready to play, he will not start as Tomlin says it will be as a complimentary role and he would be on a snap count. Says Ziggy Hood has earned the right to start. Tomlin says that Troy missing the first Jets game was not an excuse for losing. We have one standard and that standard is winning. Last time we played the Jets, they beat us.

As far as special teams, Tomlin says we need to stop Brad Smith from going 97 yards to start the game. That would be a good start he says.

Tomlin says he loves Rex Ryan and he always has a lot of fun with you guys (media), but when you see past all of those things he is a great football coach. Tomlin notes that his glass is always half full and Tomlin appreciates that attitude. He says the two styles are probably pretty close, and that Rex just has more fun with you guys. (media)

In regards to the Heinz Field crowd, Tomlin says, he anticipates it being a similar environment this weekend as it was last weekend and that they are going to need that support from the fans.


Coach Tomlin: Good afternoon. We are excited to be here at this point this week, the week of the AFC Championship game. That was one of the points I made to our football team. Oftentimes when you get to this leg of the journey you say that you are into the AFC Championship. I wanted to make that point clear to our team yesterday. I told them that the game was Sunday at 6:30 p.m. This is the week of the game for us. We need to take an opportunity to make really good use of this time, this preparation time and prepare ourselves for what is going to be an exciting football game versus the Jets. If you look at the Jets, it’s really nothing short of remarkable what they have done to get to this point. They went to Indianapolis and beat those guys; they went to New England and beat those guys. They deserve to be here as do we. We are familiar with them. They have been in Heinz Field recently and whacked us, and beat us at our place. We are going to have to play better than how we did last time. The major components of their personality are still very similar to what it was several weeks ago. Much like we are. If you look at these guys offensively, they have a two-headed running back attack with LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene. They complement one another very well. They utilize both guys. I think I heard it said under ideal conditions that Coach Ryan would like to see both guys get 20 totes. I know that’s been their personality since they have been there. They led the league in rushing a year ago. I am sure they were pretty high in that category as well this year. Mark Sanchez is a growing, developing franchise quarterback. He has some nice weapons. He utilizes them all, really. Braylon Edwards is playing really well. It kind of takes me back to the year that he had with Derek Anderson I think maybe my first year in the AFC North. He was a Pro Bowler. He made about every difficult catch that came his way. He was a big guy. He played to his personality. He made plays down the field. He is doing the same thing for the New York Jets this year. Santonio is Santonio. He is a great red-zone threat. He has great hands. He is extremely difficult after the catch because of his vision and broken-field running ability. Dustin Keller is a difficult matchup. Jericho Cotchery, I have spent a lot of time over the past 24-to-48 hours or so looking at him and what he brings to them. He played a pivotal role in securing the victory last week in the divisional round for them. He is a top-quality football player and very in depth at working in the slot. Their line, they have top-quality guys up front in first-rounders D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold. He is the standard in terms of center play in football. Defensively a myriad of looks, a bunch of people, boy they suited 11 defensive backs last week versus the New England Patriots. And they probably used just about all of them. But that is a signature of Coach Ryan’s football. Different personnel groups, they are capable of blitzing you, capable of dropping eight or nine into coverage, and you are going to see just about all of that and everything in between from these guys. I thought Shaun Ellis played great last week for them. He provided a big spark, but they had quality play from a lot of people. I think it starts inside and up front with them. Bart Scott and David Harris are two top-quality turnaround linebackers. They are nine-on-seven kind of guys. They are going to turn your ball carrier around, and both of them are pretty good in coverage as well. Running games, adding to the pressure that they provide on quarterbacks, they are two very well-rounded players. Of course the play of their corners in Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie allow many of these things to happen. They are capable of locking down a football field, both men. Both men are considered some of the best of what they do. Needless to say yards, first downs, points and those things are going to be tough to come by. That would probably be the case once you get to this leg of the journey. It doesn’t matter who you are playing. We are excited about it. We are not so excited about it that we are going to miss an opportunity to prepare ourselves. We are going to do that. It started yesterday. It will continue today as the week goes on. From an injury standpoint we are in great shape [Laughs]. Jonathan Scott is going to be all right. Will Allen has a knee sprain. He is probably going to be limited at the early portions of the week. We will see where that takes us. Bryant McFadden has an abdominal strain. He is going to be limited as well. We will limit Troy Polamalu like we always do. If we are going to err we are going to err on the side of caution. We will make sure that Troy is at Heinz Field Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Flozell Adams is doing better with his illness. Aaron Smith is going to practice this week. We will see where that practice participation takes us.

Re: Santonio Holmes using his knowledge of your defense:

I do think that is credible, and I imagine that he used his knowledge last time. I don’t think this time will be any different.

Was Aaron Smith close to playing last week?

He was listed as doubtful.

Re: Jets’ commitment to running the ball:

That’s what I was kind of referring to earlier when I talked about ideally I saw Coach Ryan said he would like to see both guys get 20 touches. You do the math and that’s 40 touches. That is running the football. That is their personality. They like to run the football. They are very good at smashing the run and stopping the run. That’s probably his mindset and how he approaches the game of football. And that is a philosophy that I have an appreciation for.

What do you have to do on special teams this game opposed to the last game?

We need to stop Brad Smith from going 97 yards. That would be a good start. They are a very good group. It doesn’t matter whether Brad Smith is back there or Cromartie is back there. You saw what he did to Indianapolis at a critical time. He is a very capable and dangerous return man. But they have a team of potentially capable return men. Whether you are talking about Smith, Cromartie, Cotchery or Joe McKnight, that’s kind of been the signature of Coach Westhoff’s units since I have been in the league, this guy is going to have several options from a return-game standpoint. They are a good group. We have to play better than we did last time.

Re: Revis on receivers:

I don’t know who they are going to put him on. I would imagine they are going to put him on somebody. And whoever they do put him on is going to have a long day. That is what the tape tells me. His reputation is legitimate. He is a really good football player. We have to be conscious of where he is at all times.

Does Revis always lock down the same side of the field?

It changes. I don’t know how they intend to employ him versus us. I know they put Cromartie on Mike Wallace a lot the last time we played them. We are not going to try to predict their moves, or only they know their moves. We need to prepare to be at our best regardless of who they put on who or how they try to employ their corners.

Re: Hines Ward saying he could have been thrown to more even when Revis was covering him:

I’ve been in the league 10 years. I haven’t been around a receiver who didn’t think he was open.

Will Aaron Smith start if he can play this week?

A snap count is probably going to be a part of that discussion if he is deemed well enough to go. And that’s going to be a limited number of snaps. The guys that have been given the opportunity to replace him, like Ziggy Hood, have more than met the standard. They deserve to continue to play. But it would be nice to add that tool to the toolbox if we have the opportunity to do so on Sunday.

Was that Ziggy Hood’s best game last Saturday?

Hopefully his best game lies ahead. It was a good game.

Re: Polamalu not playing the last game versus the Jets:

We are not going to use his presence or lack of presence as an excuse for anything. We have one standard, and that standard is winning. The last time we played the Jets they beat us.

Have you seen changes in the Jets in re: to execution?

They’re executing at an extremely high level.  They’re a big volume team, they have a unique menu.  The range of things that you could see from them defensively is great.  They can all-out (blitz), they can bring a myriad of people.  They can play coverage. That is and has been their personality even dating back to when Coach Ryan was in Baltimore.  So it was an execution-oriented performance, and to say anything other than the fact that they executed at a high level would be to discredit their performance.

Re: When Flozell Adams tried to go back in the game when Jonathan Scott got hurt:

That was an ugly seen, wasn’t it?  But a beautiful one at the same time.  We appreciate Flozell.  We appreciate his intentions.  His intentions are very pure.  This guy wants to win.  He wants to be a part of a winner.  He’s put his hand in the pile and been a great contributor to our journey thus far, and we look forward to continuing that this weekend.

When the Jets won in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, was there anything they did tricky or unexpected, or was there an X-factor?

They beat us.

Has he seen the Jets defense play more coverage and less blitzing the past couple of weeks?

Yes they have, but they’re just balancing out the self-scout I would imagine.  They’re capable of locking you down and playing man to man.  I’m sure that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were well aware of that.  I’m sure they had a great plan for that and their pressure, and I’m sure that the Jets chose to play more coverage in response to that.  I think the prudent approach is to understand and anticipate that this team is capable of providing a wide variety of attacks for you, and chances are you’re going to see a little bit of everything and probably more of what works.  So we’re going to try to do a diligent job of preparing ourselves for all of the things that they’re capable of with an understanding that the variance could be pretty big.

Because the Steelers have a quarterback that has the ability to get out of the pocket, does it make it harder to hold them down?

I don’t have the answer to that.  That’s a question for those guys.

On the 4th-down sneak being Ben Roethlisberger’s call, is that right? And if so, what is he looking for?

Yes.  A first down.  And if he doesn’t, he better get it like he did.

What did you think of Mark Sanchez the first time he saw him and what do you think of him now?

He’s an AFC Champion-caliber quarterback.

On Rex Ryan saying how Tomlin is one of his favorite coaches.  Is that mutual?

It is.  I love Rex.  Rex has a lot of fun with you guys, but when you see past all of those things, this is a great football coach.  He has the pulse of his football team.  He does a great job of motivating them, is very sound schematically in all three phases, and his glass is always half full.  I appreciate that.

Re: The styles of the two head coaches, and if you can say too much as a head coach?

I tell you, our styles are probably more similar than you would imagine.  Rex just has more fun with you guys.

What does it mean to be a Steeler?


Is Rex Ryan good for the NFL?

I think he’s great for the Jets, and I think that’s all he’s concerned about being great for.  He’s got them in the AFC Championship Game.  I’m sure he’s not concerned about the National Football League.

How important is it to get to Mark Sanchez after having one sack for no yards last time?

Rushing the quarterback is always an important element of the game, but it’s also something that we don’t have a great deal of control of.  The play callers’ play selection has a certain level of control over the amount of opportunities that you have to get to him.  So I’m not going to act like that is the lynchpin to this football game.  If they’re throwing the ball a bunch, if he’s dropping back and throwing the ball vertically down the field, we better be getting to him.  If he’s not, then it’s less of an issue.

Did Mark Sanchez get rid of the ball faster to avoid the rush?

No, I think it was Coach (Brian) Schottenheimer more than anything else.  He moved the pocket, he booted him, he had some quick game, and then he took his shots or spots when he was throwing the ball vertically.  But it’s not anything special that he did in response to playing the Pittsburgh Steeler defense.  It’s what they quite frankly do every weekend.  It’s what they did in New England, it’s what they did in Indy.

What did the home field mean on Saturday and what will it be like on Sunday?

That had to be a legendary game.  I haven’t seen many of those at Heinz Field personally, but that was an instant classic as far as I’m concerned.  We anticipate it being a similar environment this weekend, and we’re going to need that support from our fans.

Re: The final offensive drive against the Jets in December.

It was our offense executing.  Ben is not the lone ranger.  Ten other guys in the huddle and guys protected, guys got open and gave us an opportunity to make some throws into the end zone at the end of regulation with a chance to win it.  They made the plays, we didn’t, so we went home a loser.

Can you talk about your rookies and how they have done?

They’re doing okay.

Are you surprised by the rookies?


Re: The importance of seizing momentum early and the Jets not being able to as of late.

Neither have we to be quite honest with you.  The great thing about football, and particularly playoff football, is you guys can do all you want to try to write the script of how this game could potentially unfold all week.  The reality is that nobody knows.  That’s why it’s going to be awesome to be in the stadium at 6:30 on Sunday.  Probably a week ago no one anticipated our score being 31-24 against the Ravens, but it was.  That’s why we play the game and that’s why we’re excited about the opportunity that we have in front of us.

Does the team’s mentality change if you are home or away in a big game like this?

I don’t think that it changes your mentality in terms of your approach to the game or what it is you need to do to play well.  I think when you’re at home you appreciate the fact that you’re at home, sleeping in your own bed if that’s an option, driving to the stadium, being home 20 minutes or so after you walk out of the stadium.  Those are things that I enjoy about being at home.  We enjoy the support of our crowd, but in terms of what goes on inside the white lines, the team that makes the critical plays at the critical moments is going to win.  Home or away is a factor, it’s not the ultimate or deciding factor.  I think the Jets have proven that emphatically over the last several weeks.  We appreciate being at home.  If given the choice we’d rather play at Heinz Field in front of our fans.  They are a homefield advantage worthy kind of a crowd whether we are or not.  So we’re going to give them what they have coming to them.

Were you happy with the way your offensive line played in the first game against the Jets?

I’m trying to remember.  I’ve looked at so much tape this morning.  We lost the game.  We could have been better of course.  I’ve jumped around so much on tape this morning I’m drawing a blank, sorry.

I think the Jets had one sack and the Steelers had 150 rushing yards.

We lost the game.

Have you learned a lot over the past few years since your first playoff game?

If you’re not getting better, I don’t care what business you’re in, you’re a dead man.  I try to look critically at the mistakes that I make and try to learn from them, like our team does.  I like to think that I am.  Of course, the proof is in the pudding.

Will you develop a dislike for each other this week?

That’s sidebar stuff.  We’re in the AFC Championship.  Likes or dislikes really are irrelevant.  I think they’ve been pretty consistent about stating their intentions all year, which is to be world champs.  I think we’ve been pretty consistent about stating ours, so you know where that’s going to lead us.  That’s two trains on a track.

How have you seen the city embrace the Steelers in the playoffs?

I don’t go anywhere other than here and home, so I don’t know.  I hear that it’s pretty wild right now, which is great.

Re: Rex saying how he let up on him one time in Baltimore and that he appreciated it.  Did he let up?

Rex is probably playing with you guys.

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