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Maurkice Pouncey Still On Crutches & In Cast

Maurkice Pouncey ankle

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider reported today on Twitter that Steelers rookie center Maurkice Pouncey is still on crutches and has his injured left ankle in a cast of sorts. Wexell reported that it looked like a hard cast and said that Pouncey did not know when it was coming off. Pouncey is said to have suffered a high ankle sprain during the first drive Sunday against the New York Jets in the AFC Championship Game. The degree of the sprain is not known and ESPN medical expert Stephania Bell said today that Pouncey returning to the Steelers for Super Bowl XLV is not impossible, but will certainly be a challenge. Bell noted that him being young can help in his recovery process, but that normally a recovery estimate of four to six weeks for a high ankle sprain of the moderate variety. A severe one could take much longer. She did however point to Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson who came back sooner from the same type of injury this past season, but was not 100%. Pouncey is not expected to practice until late next week, if any, before the Super Bowl and Mike Tomlin might provide a brief update today after practice of his condition.

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