Immaculate Reception Anniversary – 38 Years Ago Today

Today we celebrate the 38th anniversary of the most memorable play in perhaps the Steelers and old Three Rivers Stadium history and also one of the most memorable plays in NFL history. The play of course is the Immaculate Reception. It was a 4th-and-10 play that began at the Pittsburgh 40 and finished 60 yards later with Steelers running back Franco Harris crossing the goal line to give the Steelers a 13-7 playoff win over the rival Oakland Raiders. The pass of Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw was intended for running back Frenchy Fuqua, who was simultaneously hit by Raiders safety Jack Tatum. The ball deflected toward Harris, who was out in a pass pattern, who scooped the ball off his shoelaces and galloped the final 42 yards on the ground for the game winning touchdown.

Below are the Steelers players on the field for the play and a graphic how they were lined up at the snap. I also have included an animated gif of the play as well as the original broadcast video of the play. As long as any Steelers fan lives, the Immaculate Reception will always be celebrated on December 23rd.

Steelers Players On The Field
12: QB Terry Bradshaw
32: RB Franco Harris
33: RB Frenchy Fuqua
25: WR Ron Shanklin
83: WR Barry Pearson
89: TE Jack McMakin
55: LT Jon Kolb
57: LG Sam Davis
50: C Jim Clack
66: RG Bruce Van Dyke
72: RT Gerry Mullins notes on the play.

immaculate reception formation

Immaculate Reception animated gif

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