Goodell Approves Spitting, Proves It By Spitting In Face Of Harrison

James Walker just posted a small story about how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that Steelers linebacker James Harrison is working to alter his game so that he plays within the rules. Really? What a condescending way to talk down to Harrison. It is bad enough he has been fined an ungodly amount of money for hits that really have a huge gray area. instead the more deliberate acts to inflict harm committed by Packers safety Nick Collins against the Cowboys receiver Roy Williams last night, likely will not fetch half the fine amounts that Harrison has totaled since the hit on Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. The way that Goodell has come out and said that Harrison wants to play within the rules makes it sound as if Deebo is trying to cheat. Even if you are not a Steelers fan, you have to admit that Goodell has it in for the Steelers outside linebacker. If you want to flag him for a questionable late hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees, fine. If you want to treat that hit like it is some type of premeditated act of violence, that is not fine. If Goodell wants to turn the NFL into some sort of G-rated ABC Afterschool Special, he can do so without mocking and embarrassing the same players that make it. I guess spitting in another players face, should not cost Ravens fullback Le\’Ron McClain much money. After all, Goodell has pretty much just spit in the face of Harrison, so it must be highly tolerated. Monkey see, monkey do.

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