Steelers Beat Titans 19-11 – Game Recap & Notes

The Steelers beat the Tennessee Titans 19-11 in the 2nd game of the 2010 season. Below are my recap notes and nuggets I kept on the game along with my observations. I have much more coming on this game and am working through the night. These are initial reactions of mine as I am about to watch the game a second time and begin working up tape selections. Below are the notes I compiled throughout the game. remember these are initial reactions one time through the game.

A win in the NFL, is a win in the NFL. Today was a tough earned road win against a great Titans defensive team.

Steelers wanted it more and kept punching them in the mouth with the defense.

I have been screaming the name of Lawrence Timmons all Summer. This guy is everywhere and I mean everywhere. 15 combined tackles and one forced fumble.

If you had any doubts about if Troy Polamalu is back to his pre injury old self, worry no more. He had 6 combined tackles, 1 interception in the endzone and one pass defensed. The hit late on Kerry Collins was a thing of beauty.
Troy Polamalu flying tackle against Titans

Stevenson Sylvester made some contributions on special teams today with 2 tackles.

The offensive line was very drained despite being rotated in. Tony Hills had a rough day when he came in at left tackle, but we survived. I need to look at the film, but Jonathan Scott was beat a few times as well. I can\’t imagine the black jerseys in that heat and humidity as it played a huge role in the game. Players were dropping like flies. There was musical chairs all over the place on the line, so it is hard to be too hard on their play.

The few runs by Dennis Dixon resulted in injury. Bruce Arians warned about why he did not want to use him more that way. His knee injury is up in the air and Mike Tomlin is unsure of the seriousness of the injury and who will start next week.

Charlie Batch looked like he was going to have heat stroke. He was not ready to play that defense today and his execution was poor.

The center quarterback exchange was rough throughout the game. Maurkice Pouncey was trying to get off the ball so quick.

Steve McLendon played well just getting activated. Great roster move by Tomlin in anticipation of the heat today.

Chris Hoke, Aaron Smith, Brett Keisel, Ziggy Hood and Nick Eason all get game balls. Great game holding the line.

James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley both were able to hold the edge and pressure on passing downs. The one big play Chris Johnson had was called back for holding. Harrison remains a nasty force.

The opening kickoff reverse was a brilliant call. Probably secured Antonio Brown a game day hat for several Sundays. On the flip side a few punt return coverages looked shaky. Thank goodness Daniel Sepulveda is not afraid to tackle.

Jeff Reed made his kicks. Enough said. I also saw one kickoff go to the endzone.

Rashard Mendenhall worked hard for every yard today. Holes were closing fast, but did see him give up on one hole too quick and spun out of it. Key stat though is he did not fumble.

Looked like Mike Wallace had a key drop today, but would of had a touchdown if not for a Jonathan Scott holding call.

The onsides kick was scary. Will Allen was brought in because of his special teams play in addition to being a backup safety. Almost cost us.

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