Steelers Six From Around The Web – Thursday July 15th – Tourism, Tomlin, TO & Tires Edition

Part 3 of the Ask The Steelers segment with linebacker Larry Foote is up on Foote tells that he does not believe in superstitions or any game day rituals and answers some other off the wall questions.

Joe Starkey writes that despite several players getting up in years on defense, the Steelers still have the possibility of returning to a dominant unit. I concur as well.

Visit Pittsburgh, the area\’s official tourism agency, is trying to help get a future Super Bowl played in Pittsburgh. He says he tried to get the Rooneys to put a roof on Heinz Field when it was built, but the Rooneys smartly turned hat request down. If it happens, it happens and would be great for the city economically if it did, but I just can\’t see it in the near future.

Free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens claims to be open to taking pay cut to play for Patriots this year and has pretty much ruled out playing for the Chiefs as well. I wrote yesterday why you can surely cross the Steelers off the list as landing spots for the TO Show as well.

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Head coach Mike Tomlin took a little time to give an interview to Sideline Pass at the Tailgating with Tomlin event in Hampton, Virginia recently. Tomlin is the same on and off the field, a great charity man and has an unique entertaining quality as well which is evident in the video below.

While surfing Youtube for the video above, I came across a vintage tire commercial featuring Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. The commercial is circa 1980 and features the Steeler Uniroyal Tires. I vaguely remember this non-classic and it makes for a great upload whoever had it.

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