2008 Playoffs

Steelers WR Santonio Holmes Admits To Selling Drugs As A Kid

Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes told the Miami Herald that he use to sell drugs when he was a kid. Holmes said in the admission, “I\’ve only told three or four people about it,” Holmes said Wednesday. “I feel it\’s time to share things. I\’m on the biggest stage, everybody\’s going to be watching. I\’m pretty sure some kids can get a feel for changing their lives and not doing those type of things, and can get an opportunity to get out of the ghetto, the \’hood, to be successful.” Holmes went on to say, “My friends were always doing it and I felt comfortable doing it at the time,” Holmes said. “As the years grew older, I just felt like that wasn\’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to play football. I don\’t want to end up like a lot of my friends, in jail, standing on the corner, not going to school.”

Earlier this season, Holmes was benched for the game against the New York Giants for being charged in a drug-related case. Holmes was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana after Pittsburgh police found marijuana-filled cigars in his car after a traffic stop. Holmes hopes young people watching this week will learn from his mistakes. Holmes went on to say that the incident this season doesn\’t signal a return to his past.

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