2008 Playoffs

Distractions Continue To Mount For Cardinals

The distractions continue to mount for the Arizona Cardinals and the Super Bowl is still more than a week away. The distractions started with the sideline blowup between wide receiver Anquan Boldin and offensive coordinator Todd Haley during the NFC Championship game versus the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cardinals players and coaches continue to have to answer questions regarding what happened and the effects from it. Next it was all the talk about the Cardinals Steelers connections in the coaching staffs, albeit both teams have been saddled with the questions, the Steelers on the surface, seem to have been handling them better. Also is the fact that the Cardinals have never been to a Super Bowl before and all of the media attention that is grabbing. You can also throw in the continuous talk of running back Edgerrin James wanting a new team next year and that does not help things either. Now to throw the cherry on top, Haley is being considered as a possible replacement for Herm Edwards, who was fired by the Kansas City Chiefs just a few hours ago. Haley does indeed have a connection with new Chiefs GM, Scott Pioli, so Haley will surely be peppered with questions about it all next week. I am sure if the Cardinals had their way, they would not show up in Tampa until Saturday night, the night before the Super Bowl, but both teams will be in Tampa on Monday. The Steelers have 20 plus players on the roster from the 2005 Championship team, while the Cardinals have just a few that have experienced Super Bowl week first hand. The only way it could get worse for the Cardinals, would to have a player get in trouble in Tampa. If the Steelers do indeed win their 6th Lombardi Trophy on February 1st, the media will have a ton of reasons to point to on why the Cardinals lost.

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