Hines Ward versus Bart Scott saga continues

The Bart Scott vs. Hines Ward saga got off to another rousing start today when Ward was questioned by Baltimore reporters on a conference call.

On if he remembers the threat he received from Scott last season: “Yeah, he threatened to kill me after the game. I got a big laugh out of it.”

On if he\’s excited to see Scott in Monday\’s game:
“Yeah, I\’m looking forward to it. He\’s a great ballplayer, and any time you get competitive, it\’s always great to go out there and compete. I\’ll go out there and smile at him a couple of times on the field.”

On if it\’s hard to not take what Scott says personally: “No, not really. I mean, out on the field you\’re going to have a war of words. Guys are going to talk about your mother, talk about anything to try to get up under your skin. We played with one of the best of them in the league — Joey Porter. It\’s just words. Words don\’t hurt me, or whatever. I\’m pretty sure if I see Bart out in the street, outside of football, I\’m pretty sure he\’s not going to kill me.”

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