Rapoport: Bears Among Teams Interested In Trading For Steelers’ 32nd Overall Pick (After Giving Them 32 In Claypool Trade)

If you want a hearty laugh on this Friday, here you go. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Chicago Bears are among the teams interested in trading with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 32nd overall pick, the top selection of Round Two. Of course, the Bears would have had that spot in the first place but traded it away for Chase Claypool last November. 

At the time, the Bears didn’t know where they would finish in the 2022 NFL standings and by extension, the 2023 NFL Draft order. But after trading for Claypool, Chicago didn’t win a single game the rest of the season and secured the top pick in the draft in each round. They traded #1 with the Carolina Panthers, moving down to #9 and then again to #10 Thursday night to select Tennessee OT Darnell Wright.

Rapoport made further comments appearing on the Pat McAfee Show Friday, believing Pittsburgh may dish the pick.

“I kinda think so, yeah,” Rapoport told McAfee when asked if the Steelers will trade out of #32.

Rapoport also mentioned the Steelers’ interest in Penn State CB Joey Porter Jr., though said it’s possible the team moves down and still selects him.

It’s worth noting the Bears don’t pick until 53rd overall in the second round, meaning any trade down would be steep drop for Pittsburgh, going past their other and original second round pick at #49. The Bears also hold the 61st pick and the 64th pick, the latter the start of Round Three.

Pittsburgh is in strong position at the top of Friday Night. There are reportedly at least four teams interested in the pick, a list that includes the Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders, and the Bears. Ostensibly, those teams are looking to move up for a quarterback and there’s still two good ones left in Kentucky’s Will Levis and Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker. After trading their fourth-round pick last night, #120 overall, the Steelers could look to recoup that capital with a small trade down from #32.

Of course, Pittsburgh could also hold the pick and take a top defensive back like Porter Jr. or Alabama’s Brian Branch. Then they could look to move down from #49 or #80, depending on the board and the offers.

The Steelers enter Friday night with tons of flexibility. While a trade with the Bears might not be ideal, it would be a pretty hilarious end to the Chase Claypool trade story.

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