New Contract Details For Steelers WR Allen Robinson II

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded for wide receiver Allen Robinson II ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft and now that his contract has officially been filed with the NFLPA, I can pass along the specifics related to it.

For starters, Robinson’s 2023 base salary will be $1.165 million, the NFL minimum for his credited seasons in the NFL. That $1.165 million is also fully guaranteed. As part of the trade details with the Los Angeles Rams, the Steelers were to pay $5 million of Robinson’s 2023 salary that was due to him, and they will indeed do that.

The Steelers gave Robinson $3.835 million of that transferring $5 million due to him in 2023 in the form of a signing bonus after he arrived via the trade and prorated that over just two years. That results in Robinson’s 2023 salary cap charge being just $3.0825 million.

An interesting result of Robinson’s restructure once he arrived in Pittsburgh is the fact that his previously scheduled 2024 March roster bonus of $5.75 million has now apparently been removed from the wide receiver’s contract, along with the two additional voidable years in 2025 and 2026, according to Over the Cap. That’s big news overall. Robinson’s cap charge, which was scheduled to be $15.75 million on paper after the trade, is now just $11.9175 million.

The fact that the Steelers were able to rework Robinson’s contract in a way to remove that $5.75 million roster bonus he was previously due in March of 2024 is a big deal because it now gives the Penn State product a better shot of remaining with the team past the 2023 season. Had the two sides not agreed to remove that $5.75 million roster bonus in 2024, Robinson would have been a prime candidate to be cut next March unless 2023 ended up being a Pro Bowl-type season for him.

As a result of Robinson’s contract hitting the NFLPA, the Steelers are $8,053,919 under the salary cap entering the 2023 NFL Draft with only the annual $849,600 workout bonus placeholder amount needing to be accounted for still. That amount includes the recent re-signing of veteran wide receiver Miles Boykin to a one-year deal as well.

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