Le’Veon Bell Wins Latest Boxing Bout By Unanimous Decision

Le’Veon Bell stepped back into the ring Friday night for the third boxing match of his career. After losing his last fight, he emerged victorious in this one, defeating JMX by unanimous decision. 

As Dave’s above tweet notes, the fight went all four rounds but Bell was the clear winner in the judges’ eyes, scoring Bell 40-36, 39-37, and 40-36 to give him the nod.

His victory was aided by a strong end to the first round, landing several punches before the first bell.

And here’s the end to the fight, Bell and JMX trading blows. But it was Bell who came out on top.

This is Bell’s second professional match and his third one overall. He had an exhibition fight with fellow former NFL RB Adrian Peterson in September of last year, winning by technical knockout over Peterson. Bell stepped back into the ring in October against retired UFC fighter Uriah Hall and was quite easily defeated though to Bell’s credit, he took it to a a judges’ decision.

JMX, 24 years old, had won his last match by knockout so this was expected to be a good fight. It appears to have been as-advertised and afterwards, Bell talked about the match.

“I feel so good. It was an amazing win…this wasn’t easy. Much respect to JMX, bro. He’s tough as hello, bro. I was hitting him with everything I had, bro. He was not going down.”

(some brief NSFW language in the below clip)

Bell sounds like he’ll continue his boxing career, saying after the fight he’s working to get better and he’ll be ready for his next opponent, whoever it is.

Now 31 years old, Bell hasn’t played in the NFL since 2021 and seems to have no intention of returning to the league. While he’s only had a couple of fights, Bell has proven he can hold his own in the ring and seems motivated to improving his technique.

We’ll let you know when Bell’s next fight is scheduled. Evidently, he wants to challenge KSI or Logan Paul next. Now you’ll excuse me while I go look up who those people are.

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