Bye Week Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and I hope yinz are doing well.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the weekend off, on their Week 9 bye before returning to action next Sunday against the New Orleans’ Saints. Sitting at 2-6, the team made a major move at the trade deadline, shipping off WR Chase Claypool to the Chicago Bears for a 2023 2nd round pick. The good news is T.J. Watt is expected to return in Week 10. That’s at least something to look forward to. And there’s no way the Steelers can disappoint you this week.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you enjoyed following our continued coverage. I thank you for visiting the site and we appreciate all of your great feedback. As always, we have five Friday night questions for you to answer.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – How many catches does Chase Claypool have in his Bears’ debut against the Dolphins? 

2 – Will the Ravens beat the Saints?

3 – Will the Bengals beat the Panthers?

4 -Which team will score more points – the Bills against the Jets or the Eagles against the Texans? 

5 – Which team will score fewer points – the Colts against the Patriots or the Rams against the Buccaneers?

Tiebreaker: Total points scored in this weekend’s Bengals/Panthers game.

Recap of 2022 Week Eight Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Pittsburgh hung with Philadelphia for one quarter. But the Eagles overpower the Steelers 35-13. Steelers Depot respondents pragmatic this week. Over 81% picked the Eagles who were 10.5 point favorites to win.

Question 2: Najee Harris carried the ball four times for zero yards in the first half. Jalen Hurts gained ten yards on two runs. But Harris gained 32 second half rushing yards as the Eagles focused on shutting down the pass. Hurts didn’t need to use his legs and left the game early. So, Najee outgained Hurts in rushing yards. 72.4% of respondents gained a point by backing the Steelers running back. Sadly, Kenny Pickett outgained Najee with 37 rushing yards on 12 carries.

Question 3: Cam Heyward had more combined tackles than Cam Sutton in weeks 2-7. Despite the trend, 51.7% of Depot respondents picked Sutton. They were rewarded for their boldness. For the first time since week one, Sutton (4) had more tackles than Heyward (2). Overall, Heyward leads Sutton 31-21 in tackles so far this season.

Question 4: Alex Kozora wisely framed this question as how many touchdowns passes by the Steelers rather than specifying Kenny Pickett. He must have known a trick play was up Matt Canada’s sleeve. I believe Alex DM’d Mike Tomlin to insert the play into their goal line offense. Nevertheless, Chase Claypool’s touchdown toss to Derek Watt was the one and only Steelers touchdown pass. The median response predicted two Steelers touchdown passes. If only that last pass not deflected. A surprisingly strong 43.1% got this open-ended question correct.

Question 5: Matt Canada remains the offensive coordinator as I type this. Many fans have voiced displeasure with his performance. But Depot respondents remained pragmatic with 87.9% saying Canada remains offensive coordinator following the Eagles game. However, unless there is a dramatic turnaround from historically low scoring, Matt Canada will be gone soon after season’s end. Book it.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Game Winner Najee or Hurts More Rush Yards More Tackles: Heyward or Sutton Number Steeler Passing TDs Canada Remains OC After Game?

Steelers Depot respondents collectively answered four out of five questions correctly.

Eight folks answered all five questions correctly and received the five-point weekly bonus. Kudos to FlaFan47, Steven Small, B&G, Slim Stew, Ratsotex, Mike Bianchi, Lucky Beagle, and Ken Sterner for sweeping the board.

The tiebreaker came down to how many receiving yards now former Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool would gain. With an eight-way tie, the leaders tiebreaker answers varied from Claypool gaining 11 to 64 receiving yards. Steven Small came close, predicting Claypool with 42 receiving yards. Just three yards from Claypool’s actual total of 45 receiving yards. But Slim Stew and Ken Sterner both said 47 ending up one yard closer in their predictions . So, Slim Stew and Ken Sterner split the $25 pot this week!

Please send me a DM (subBurgher on twitter or quarternelson on Instagram or email with your PayPal address to receive your share of the winnings. Alternatively, you can kick your share back towards the next pot or donate it to the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Entirely up to you, just let me know.

Ken Sterner and Abdi B trade places remain at the top of the leaderboard.

But with so many 11-point tallies in week eight, the rest of the board is topsy-turvy. B&G, Steven Small, and Slim Stew rocketing up 17 places to a third place tie. Just behind them are Ratsotex, Mike Bianchi, and FlaFan47 in a tie for sixth.

Just one person added to the leaderboard. Lucky Beagle used the weekly bonus to climb 20 spots into the middle of the board. Meanwhile, seven fell off the leaderboard from last week.

Keep answering every week. It’s a Bye Week so many folks forget to respond. Take advantage. Getting all five questions right could slingshot you toward the top with the five-point bonus.

2022 Regular Season leaderboard after week 8:

Ken Sterner 41 First +1
Andi B 35 Second -1
B&G 34 Third (tie) +17
Steven Small 34 Third (tie) +17
Slim Stew 34 Third (tie) +17
Ratsotex 33 Sixth (tie) +22
Mike Bianchi 33 Sixth (tie) +22
FlaFan47 33 Sixth (tie) +22
PittShawnC 31 Ninth (tie) -6
Pius Street Uke 31 Ninth (tie) -4
MAK Lives Free 30 11th (tie) -8
wa_steel 30 11th (tie) -6
GhotiFish 30 11th (tie) -6
Beaver Falls Hosiery 30 11th (tie) -6
Steelers D 30 11th (tie) -2
Andy N 30 11th (tie) -2
Jesse Logue 30 11th (tie) -2
*Lucky Beagle 30 11th (tie) +29
Don2727 29 19th (tie) -10
Steel_Man24 29 19th (tie) -10
ValyrianSteelerJedi01 29 19th (tie) -4
Ted Webb 28 22nd (tie) -7
ManRayX 28 22nd (tie) -7
Kdog 28 22nd (tie) -7
Stone Age Tone 27 25th (tie) -10
hoptown 27 25th (tie) -5
Ichabod 27 25th (tie) -5
Jason W 27 25th (tie) -5
Steelers32 27 25th (tie) -5
Lambert58 27 25th (tie) +3
RMSteeler 27 25th (tie) +3

*New to leaderboard

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments or you can always send me a twitter DM @subBurgher or Instagram username quarternelson.

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