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Myles Garrett Fined For Week 3 Hit On Mitch Trubisky

Cleveland Browns’ DE Myles Garrett has been fined $15,914 for a roughing the passer play on QB Mitch Trubisky in last Thursday’s game, the NFL announced today. The news was reported by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

As Pelissero notes, Garrett was not flagged on the play, making it a little hard to discern which play the league is fining Garrett over. But this is the most likely play in which it occurred.

If that’s the case, because the hit doesn’t appear to be late, the league seems to be calling Garrett for putting his body weight on top of Trubisky at the end of the play. That was his only QB hit of the day so that appears to be what the league is making his wallet lighter over. That play resulted in an incomplete pass. A penalty would’ve given the Steelers a first down and chance to sustain a drive.

Earlier in the week, Garrett was involved in a single-car rollover accident, apparently due to excessive speeds, flipping his Porsche several times. He and a female passenger suffered minor injuries though Garrett has been ruled out of tomorrow’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

NFL fines are predetermined amounts and increase at a specific rate as spelled out by the CBA. All fine money goes to charity.

It’s now confirmed that OT Chukwuma Okorafor was not fined for his block on Browns’ LB Anthony Walker.

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