Supportive Comments From Mike Tomlin Giving Mitch Trubisky Confidence Moving Forward

With all of the outside noise swirling regarding the displeasure of Mitch Trubisky and Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is attempting to block out that noise, instead focusing in house on how the Steelers can continue to improve, even throwing a vote of confidence towards the much maligned Trubisky, who has had his ups and downs through three games.

The veteran quarterback finds himself in a bit of a tough position with the Steelers, with first-round pick and hometown favorite Kenny Pickett serving as his backup and viewed as the next franchise quarterback in the Steel City. That puts Trubisky in a tough spot overall, under a microscope on every snap, on top of the pressures that already comes with playing the quarterback position.

Still, Tomlin believes in him, stating to reporters Tuesday that he’s pleased with the way Trubisky is progressing in “all areas” of the game.

“In all areas. In decision making and where he is going with the ball, the time in which he’s making decisions, the prudent use of mobility, whether it’s by schematics or, or by ad lib,” Tomlin said to reporters Tuesday, according to video via the Steelers official YouTube page. “But just generally all areas.”

Those comments, heard by Trubisky, has given him a boost in confidence moving forward, allowing him to trust himself more and the work that he’s putting in is helping the Steelers work towards a common goal offensively.

Tomlin’s comments weren’t a surprise, but for a veteran quarterback under fire from the local media and the fanbase, they were great to hear.

“Anytime you hear those comments, I think it definitely gives you confidence and on the film you’ve seen the improvements,” Trubisky said to reporters Wednesday, according to video via “We just haven’t been making those big plays or are scoring as many points as I think we should have. The plays are there, they’re on film, we just gotta go make ’em.

“And I think it comes down to execution being more detailed throughout in practice and sometimes it’s just reps and sometimes it’s just communication, getting on the same page,” Trubisky added. “So, we’re just gonna have a great week and hopefully put it all together.”

Hearing those comments certainly gives Trubisky a boost in confidence, but what could give him even more confidence is executing the plays that are there. Make no mistake: he’s made some great throws that receivers just haven’t been able to haul in. However, he’s also missed some wide open receivers and still struggled to see the field at times.

Improvements have been made offensively through three games, that much is true. But it’s concerning to see the Steelers’ offense stall the way it has in the second half the last two weeks, putting an overworked defense in a serious bind.

Confidence goes a long, long way though in pro sports, and Trubisky knows he has that from his head coach, which is important. Hopefully the mini-bye after the loss to the Cleveland Browns allowed him to reset, and the Steelers’ offense can have a good week at home against the New York Jets on Sunday at Acrisure Stadium.

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