2022 Preseason Game 1 Steelers Vs Seahawks Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers will enter the second half up 17-10 in their first preseason matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Both Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph looked good at quarterback. I would imagine attention will shift here in the 2nd half to Kenny Pickett who should get a majority of the playing time for the rest of the game.

Two new faces at wide receiver got the touchdowns for the Steelers. Gunner Olszewski first by way of Mitch Trubisky, and George Pickens caught a beautiful pass in the corner of the end zone from Mason Rudolph.

The Seattle Seahawks will start with the ball in the 2nd half, so Drew Lock will make his first appearance in a Seahawks uniform. After the first drive, Kenny Pickett should make his first appearance. Still plenty of entertainment left, folks!

The Seahawks brought the kickoff out to about the 28 yard line. Drew Lock connected with his receiver in the flat and he shook the Steelers defender for a big gain. The Seahawks are already near the red zone. DeeJay Dallas up the middle to pick up the first down for the Seahawks.

Tre Norwood broke up the pass in the end zone on 1st down, but the Seahawks converted the next play with Mark Robinson in coverage.

2nd and goal, James Pierre showed off his closing speed to deflect the would-be touchdown. 3rd and goal, Buddy Johnson in coverage and Drew Lock placed the ball well for the touchdown. 17-17 Even.

Kenny Pickett time!

The crowd is very excited to see Pickett. On his first play, under center, he rolled out and connected with Jace Sternberger in the flat to pick up 10 yards. A little misdirection and Steven Sims ran for 38 yards. The offense is rolling two plays into the Kenny Pickett era.

Another completion for Pickett to Jaylen Warren for about 8 yards. Warren went up the middle to convert on 2nd.

Still perfect on this drive, 4-4 for 30 yards. On the move, Kenny Pickett his Jaylen Warren who reached over the goal line. You couldn’t ask for a better start from Kenny Pickett. The Steelers go for two, Pickett finds Connor Heyward for the two point conversion. 25-17 Steelers.

The Steelers defense forced the punt, so Kenny Pickett should be taking over at his own 7 yard line.

Kenny Pickett completed two passes for minimal yardage, but took a 9 yard sack on 3rd down. The Steelers had to punt from deep in their own end zone.

Drew Lock with his 2nd touchdown pass, this time to DeeJay Dallas. The Seahawks also went for two and converted. 25-25 Even.

The Steelers depth defenders are not looking that great here in the second half.

Kenny Pickett’s third drive starting here. A couple good completions for Pickett, but Mataeo Durant couldn’t quite convert on 3rd and short.

Hamilcar Rashed with the sack on Drew Lock to set up 3rd down. The 3rd down pass fell incomplete deep.

Master Teague got the ball on the first three plays of the drive and converted for a fresh set of downs.

Kenny Pickett passed on 1st down for 7 yards. On 2nd and 3, Master Teague converted, picking up 4 yards.

Kenny Pickett attempted a deep pass on 1st down, but it fell incomplete intended for Christian Blake. On 2nd, Tyler Vaughns received the Pickett pass for 8 yards. Pickett scrambled on 3rd and 2 for a fresh set of downs.

Kenny Pickett will have 01:58 and a fresh set of downs to try and win the game. This is exactly the type of situation the team was looking for in his first bout.

An incomplete pass on 1st down, but Master Teague made it 3rd and manageable with a 9 yard pickup. Master Teague lunged to try and pickup the first, but the refs marked him short. Mike Tomlin is calling for a review and it looks like this call may end up going the Steelers way. The refs didn’t appear to thoroughly review the call as it is preseason. Kenny Pickett rolled out and tried to escape the defender, but was tracked down for the sack.

The preseason cannot end in a tie anymore, so it looks to be headed that way.

Scratch that – Mark Robinson, the rookie, forced the fumble on the sack and the Steelers recover. Kenny Pickett has one more chance to seal the game.

1st and 10, and Pickett scrambled for a few yards. Mataeo Durant up the middle on 2nd for a gain of 5. On 3rd and 1, Pickett complete to Cody White to keep the drive alive with 00:40 remaining.

On 1st down, Kenny Pickett ran up the middle for a gain of 8 yards. On 2nd, Pickett connected with Tyler Vaughns who shook his defender and turned upfield for the touchdown. A late hit on Kenny Pickett. The penalty is enforced on kickoff. Nick Sciba’s PAT was good. 32-25 Steelers.


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