Trey Wingo Compares Kenny Pickett’s Situation To Jordan Love In Green Bay

Trey Wingo of Pro Football Network recently hopped on the Zach Gelb Show to discuss different topics, among them the Pittsburgh Steelers and a potential gridlock at quarterback.

The Steelers saw an opportunity to take a quarterback this past NFL draft when all of the top prospects were still available at number 20. Despite a failed attempt at moving up, the Steelers still had the pick of the litter and went with Kenny Pickett. However, the team might now have a situation eerily similar to that of the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love, as Wingo discussed.

“It’ll be a problem. It’s kind of the Jordan Love situation. Remember, the Packers moved up in the first round to get Love in 2020. It’s not like he fell to them. The Packers made a conscious decision to move up and take Love. That draft pick is going to go down as one of the worst in the history of the Packers.”

A stark difference is that Pickett fell to the Steelers. Everyone knew the team was likely to draft a signal-caller, but despite the failed trade attempt, things still worked out. The problem is that the possibility exists that Mitchell Trubisky could end up playing well, nullifying the Pickett pick. Obviously, no one’s comparing Trubisky and Aaron Rodgers. Rather, Wingo pointed out that Pickett’s being unable to beat out Trubisky could be a red flag.

As Steelers fans know, the offensive line continues to be a concern that the media is harping on. Wingo noted that as well. Regardless of who the signal-caller is, questions will persist.

“The offensive line in Pittsburgh is going to have questions until they settle on a quarterback, whether it’s Trubisky or Pickett. I’m telling you, don’t be surprised if Mitch comes out of the gate. I think Mitch is going to surprise a lot of people in Pittsburgh.”

If Wingo’s right and Trubisky gets off to a hot start, Pickett’s selection could possibly come under question. That’s especially true when you consider that the Steelers could’ve instead drafted Trent McDuffie or Kaiir Elam.

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