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Stephon Tuitt’s Energy, Talent ‘Definitely Gonna Be Missed’: Alualu

Stephon Tuitt is every bit as physically talented as a defensive lineman in the National Football League as is Cameron Heyward—with the primary difference now being that one is in the National Football League and the other isn’t.

Heyward has done a better job of consistently harnessing his talent, and staying healthy, to produce results, but watching both of them at the height of their abilities is like watching two bulls in a china shop. They could really just wreak havoc—or do it the fundamental, technical way.

Fellow Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Tyson Alualu will miss seeing that alongside him this year—indeed, as he told reporters last year, he even enjoyed watching Tuitt play before they were teammates, when Alualu joined the Steelers in 2017.

I’ve seen it before I got here, and to witness it firsthand, he’s probably one of the most athletic, most talented d-linemen that I’ve been around”, he said of Tuitt, via 93.7 The Fan. “Certainly his talent speaks for itself, but, he’s one of those guys where people see him make plays and feed off of that energy. I think that’s what he always brought, and that was a part of his game, relentless and physical. That’s definitely gonna be missed”.

Heyward, of course, also brings a similar presence in terms of his ability to lead others, and indeed to do so in a greater variety of ways. As emotional as Heyward can be, however, Tuitt was really the wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve guy. You always knew when he was excited on the field.

“Guys kind of gravitated towards trying to emulate how he played”, Tuitt said, speaking of the younger players that he has witnessed step in over the years. Alualu even said that he needs to see them come in and “kind of play how Tuitt played the game”, retaining that same sort of energy.

Tuitt unfortunately decided that his immediate future lay somewhere else than on a football field. We have discussed this topic ad nauseum over the course of the past year, so it’s not necessary to go over the details yet again.

But the unit will certainly have a different character without him. Can guys like Chris Wormley and Isaiahh Loudermilk really step up? They don’t possess the same level of sheer talent, but then again, guys like Tuitt and Heyward, at least in that regard, are rare.

While many fans were frustrated by how the saga unfolded, now that there is a resolution, it seems as though we can all at least join in hoping for the best for his future. He will be a misses presence not just in the locker room but for us as well, those who enjoyed watching him play, and who also fed off of his energy.

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