2022 Pre-Training Camp Roster Review: Quarterback

The last time that we took a look back at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ roster in review, it was weeks before the 2022 NFL Draft took place. It would be safe to say that quite a bit has changed since then. The changes apply to almost every position on the roster. Some are major changes and some minor, though some have remained largely static.

We are closing in on the opening of the Steelers’ several weeks of training camp. This year, it’s back at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe. It would be a good time to pause and take stock of where the team stands at each position as we head into the most critical process of the offseason.

Position: Quarterback

Total Positional Figure: 4
Additions: 2
Deletions: 0

Players Retained:

Mason Rudolph: The room has gotten a lot more crowded around Rudolph since our last update. At the time, following the tragic death of Dwayne Haskins, Mitch Trubisky was the only other one standing in the room. The Steelers since drafted two more quarterbacks, including Kenny Pickett in the first round, pretty much ending any theoretical chance of him competing for the starting job this year.

Mitch Trubisky: The Steelers’ big move in free agency, Trubisky has been QB1 throughout the spring, and has said the right things since then. By consensus, he was the best-looking quarterback during OTAs and minicamp, though one would hope that is the case given his experience.

Players Added: 

Kenny Pickett: A 24-year-old rookie out of Pitt, Pickett was the only quarterback taken in the first two rounds this year, let alone the first round. While he is starting toward the bottom of the depth chart, he has shown some of his talent, and will have an opportunity next month to begin working his way up the depth chart.

Chris Oladokun: The second of two quarterbacks the Steelers drafted this year, Oladokun arrives as a small-school prospect in the seventh round. He will look to unseat Rudolph as the number three quarterback, ostensibly as a better fit for Matt Canada’s offensive system thanks to his mobility. While he has to show competence, his future may hinge on the team getting an offer for Rudolph.

Players Lost: N/A

Notes and Camp Outlook:

As noted, our last update already came after Ben Roethlisberger retired, Trubisky signed, and after Haskins’ fatal accident. The quarterback room has doubled since then, with Pickett and Oladokun coming in.

Trubisky has been functioning as the team’s starter throughout the offseason process thus far, but Pickett will be given an opportunity to compete during training camp. I would wager that he starts one of the three preseason games.

Then it’s a matter of who else will be on the roster as the number three. There has been talk about trading Rudolph, but that hinges upon Oladokun demonstrating the ability to be the third quarterback, and he won’t even see many reps in Latrobe with two new quarterbacks competing to start.

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