Skyy Moore Confirms Steelers Visit, Enjoyed Being Able To ‘Kick It’ Again With Mike Tomlin

At this point in the pre-draft process, it’s well known the connection that Western Michigan wide receiver Skyy Moore not only has with the city of Pittsburgh, but Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin.

Moore, a New Kensington native who attended Shady Side Academy, is close friends with Dino Tomlin, the son of Mike and Kiya Tomlin, and actually served as SSA’s quarterback while Dino was a receiver.

Of course, the two went separate ways in college as Dino went to Maryland before transferring to Boston College, while Moore obviously went to Western Michigan.

Now, Moore is on the cusp of entering the NFL, and confirmed during an appearance on the 93.7 the Fan PM Show with Chris Mueller and Andrew Fillipponi that he did indeed have a pre-draft meeting with the Steelers, and enjoyed being able to catch up with Mike Tomlin once again.

“Yeah, yeah. I got over there. We chopped it up a little bit,” Moore told Mueller and Fillipponi regarding his visit with the Steelers. “Yeah, it is just different, you know…we’re in a different space instead of like somewhere casual where he’s off duty. I’m in his workspace. So yeah, it was just different. It was a different environment talking to him.”

Moore has spent plenty of time over at the Tomlins as a friend of Dino, leading to many interactions with Mike Tomlin within the comforts of his own home. Though he was in Tomlin’s environment inside the South Side facility for his pre-draft visit, Moore stated that while it was “different,” it was still cool to be able to “kick it” with Coach Tomlin, a man he’s known for many years.

“No, no, no, no, no. It was still casual, but it felt different, because I’m in his business. I’m in his business environment,” Moore said regarding his meeting with Tomlin. “…We were able to talk about other things, you know, just things that…just personal, just personal things. We were able to just really just sit back, can kick it, versus like him trying to get to know me cuz he already does.”

Due to the familiarity with not only Tomlin, but the city himself, Moore also stated that he’d love to remain in Pittsburgh after the draft as a member of the Steelers. 

Moore profiles well as a slot receiver in the Steelers’ system, though there’s a good chance he’s not on the board when the Steelers pick in the second round at a No. 52 overall.

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