Latest CBS Sports Mock Draft Sees Steelers Land Yet Another Quarterback

Matt Corral

No matter where you turn nationally for your mock draft fixings, the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to have the same position mocked to them time after time.

That position?

Quarterback, obviously.

Following the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers are in need of a new franchise quarterback, though the 2022 draft class might not be the one to provide that.

However, the Steelers continue to have quarterbacks mocked to them, and in the latest mock draft from CBS Sports’ Ryan Stackpole, the Steelers land yet another QB, this time Ole Miss’ Matt Corral, a QB that formally met with the Steelers during the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine and spoke glowingly about potentially playing in the Steel City in the NFL.

“The Steelers avoid having to trade up to get Corral, who must improve his field awareness and decision making but will have the luxury of a quality supporting cast of skill players in Pittsburgh,” Stackpole writes. 

The best thing that could possibly happen in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft is that one of the top QBs that the Steelers like falls to No. 20 overall, allowing the Steelers to not only address position of need, but avoid trading away future draft capital, allowing them to continue to build around the quarterback of the future through the draft.

Of course, it never truly works out that way in the end, but in that perfect scenario the Steelers land an ideal fit in Matt Canada’s offense in Corral, who ran an RPO-heavy system at Ole Miss under Lane Kiffin the last two seasons. That said, Corral has struggled at times on tape when forced to move past his first read when it’s not there.

He put up great numbers in the SEC, throws one of the better balls in the class and is an impressive athlete with great mobility and competitiveness overall. He certainly feels like a fit.

Here’s what Jonathan Heitritter had to say about Corral in our scouting report on the Rebels’ star QB.

“Corral would best be served going to a spread/West Coast offense that utilizes RPOs and quick hitters where he can make quick reads and get the ball out quickly while still having the ability to attack defenses down the field. Offensive systems like San Francisco and New Orleans can maximize his strengths as a passer with their respective schemes. Matt Canada’s offense in Pittsburgh could also be a logical fit given the pre-snap motions and RPOs they want to run, but the lack of projection could be an issue for a player of Corral’s stature. All said, Corral has the arm talent, mobility, and football character as a leader to make him a potential long-term solution at QB and a likely high draft selection.”

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