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Sixth-Round Draft Pick Steelers Acquired In Trade Of Ingram To Chiefs Is Conditional

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded outside linebacker Melvin Ingram to the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday and now that the 2021 trade deadline has passed, new information related to that deal has now surfaced.

According to the official NFL transaction sheet on Tuesday, the 2022 sixth-round draft pick that the Chiefs traded to the Steelers for Ingram is conditional.

So, what does conditional mean? Well, it’s really hard to speculate this early but the sixth-round draft pick might be related to playing time. That is only speculation on my part, mind you. The pick could get better or worse.

Will we find soon what the conditions are related to that sixth-round draft pick in the near future? Odds are probably good that we won’t, unless someone real close to the league decides to dig deeper. Usually, we do not find out conditional elements to most trades until long after they have been completed. We’ll see.

For now, we’ll run with the notion that the Steelers are set to get that 2022 sixth-round draft pick for Ingram until we learn something to the contrary Just in case, fans of the Steelers might want to root for Ingram to stay healthy the remainder of the season and for him to get plenty of playing time with the Chiefs moving forward.

The Steelers will play the Chiefs in Kansas City in Week 16, so the trade of Ingram on Tuesday already creates a nice little side storyline ahead of that contest happening.

Ingram is bound to meet the Kansas City media in the coming days, so we’ll make sure to pass along any comments he makes about being traded or his time with the Steelers as soon as any surface.

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