2021 Week 9 Steelers Vs Bears Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers had perhaps their most complete half of the season, with the offense putting up two touchdowns and Ben playing well. The Chicago Bears offense did not have as much luck getting mostly shut out until the final drive that netted them a field goal. TJ Watt’s two sacks and Cameron Heyward’s interception paint the picture for the first half.

The Steelers will start the second half with the ball in front of a fired up crowd at Heinz field.

The Steelers have a chance to put the game away with the ball on offense. Ben Roethlisberger has looked good with a small sample size, but they are going to need a bit more to win this game.


Ben Roethlisberger complete to Diontae Johnson on first, roughing the passer called as Ben was slow to get up after the play.

Najee Harris gets the ball on first down and goes up the middle for about four yards. Harris takes the pass for three yards, fighting through hard contact. On 3rd and 3, Ben incomplete to James Washington basically throwing the ball away with nothing open.

Pressley Harvin redeems himself, downing the punt at the 7 yard line to continue the tough scenarios for the Bears’ offense and their rookie signal caller.

David Montgomery short to the right for 2 yards. Cam Heyward and Isaiah Buggs with the stop. On 2nd down, Fields was off target on the out route and it fell incomplete. 3rd and 8, Fields finds Allen Robinson for 17 yards after scrambling to buy time. Tough for the defensive backs to keep everything covered for that long, the benefit of a mobile quarterback.

David Montgomery carried the entire defense for 10 yards on first down. The leg drive was insane. Marquise Goodwin open deep for a 50 yard gain. Minkah Fitzpatrick swatted at the ball to knock it away. The call on the field is a catch, but that is going to be called back (I hope).

This is Mike Tomlin’s first challenge of the season. Eight games in.

The call stands. The Steelers are down a timeout and the Bears have the ball at the 14 yard line. That was Tomlin’s first challenge, and a loss.

Cole Kmet gets the catch for 10 yards on first down in tight coverage.

On first and goal David Montgomery stopped just short of the touchdown. The Steelers defense is going to need a hell of a stand here at the 1 yard line.

Jimmy Graham caught the touchdown in the back of the end zone, but a personal foul was called. 2nd and goal from the 16 yard line. Justin Fields scrambles for a gain of one yard. Cameron Sutton crashed down to limit the scramble.

David Montgomery getting involved in the passing game for 11 yards on the screen. Stopped a few yards short by Cam Heyward and Alex Highsmith.

The field goal is good. 14-6 Steelers.

It was a strange route to get there, but a good goal line hold by the Steelers defense.

The Steelers started the drive from their own 25 after the kickoff. Ben Roethlisberger floated the ball deep to the center after being flushed out of the pocket. The play was good for 42 yards to James Washington who dove for the ball.

Najee Harris got the ball on first down and was tackled behind the line for a loss of two. He fought off several defenders before finally going down.

Diontae Johnson took the ball for 11 yards on 2nd down to make 3rd and short. Najee Harris up the middle for about a half yard making it 4th and short. The Steelers staying aggressive going for it on 4th and 1. Najee Harris gets the ball again and he leaps over the pile for the first down. Najee loves the leap.

Pittsburgh calls timeout number two after picking up the first down. Kendrick Green got blown up, but Najee went flying for the first down.

On first down, Chase Claypool on the sweep around the right side for 11 yards.

Najee up the middle on first for two yards. On 2nd down, Ben incomplete to Chase Claypool with all kinds of time to throw. Claypool probably should have hauled that one in. 3rd and 8, Ben drops back and goes back shoulder to Pat Freiermuth complete for the touchdown! Flag on the defense, declined. The PAT was kicked wide, no good for Boswell. Looked like some trouble from the holder as the block nearly landed. 20-6 Steelers.

Going for it on 4th down paid off in both halves. Mike Tomlin calling a good game.

The Bears start this drive from their own 19 yard line after a good kick by Boswell.

On first down, Montgomery ran for 26 yards eventually brought down by Minkah Fitzpatrick.

This time, Justin Fields keeps the ball and slides for 5 yards on first down. Fields complete to Mooney deep for 20 yards and the Bears are into Steelers’ territory.

Devin Bush made the tackle, his first statistic of the night to end the quarter.


Jimmy Graham for 28 yards on 2nd down after the break.

On first down, a direct snap to David Montgomery who gave it to Mooney on the reverse. He walked in for the touchdown. Wildcat offense bites the Steelers. 20-13 Steelers.

Devin Bush bit on the reverse there.

The kickoff results in a touchback.

Ben Roethlisberger fakes the handoff to Najee Harris and throws it deep to Diontae Johnson. The ball falls incomplete, but pass interference is called. The defender didn’t get his head around. The Bears’ 9th penalty.

Najee Harris got the short pass and somehow turned it into a 9 yard gain fighting through several defenders. 2nd and 1 is perfect to keep chewing up clock here with a couple extra chances for the first. Diontae Johnson was flipped the ball on 2nd but he only managed to get back to the line of scrimmage. On 3rd and 1, Najee Harris tried to run inside to the left for no gain to force 4th down. Chris Boswell in for the 54 yard field goal and its good. Boswell is automatic (on non extra points). 23-13 Steelers.

Renegade instantly worked on the kickoff, as the return man fumbled. James Pierre put a shoulder on the football and Chris Boswell recovered the ball. He is getting way more contact in the past two weeks than he bargained for.

On first down Najee Harris up the middle for three yards. On second, Ben threw way short, but there was an offsides. I am going to give Ben the benefit of the doubt and say he knew about the flag. On 2nd and 2, James Washington got the hand off on the end around. He tried to bounce for more yards instead of lowering his shoulder for the first. 3rd and 1 now, Chase Claypool gets 2 yards and the first down around the left end.

Nearing the redzone, on first down, Ben takes a big sack with Roquan Smith coming in. Trai Turner with a terrible rep as Smith ran right by him. 2nd and 19, Benny Snell up the middle for one yard. The offensive line not getting any push to help close out the game. Incomplete to Diontae Johnson on 3rd and long, and Boswell will cap off the drive that he helped create with his fumble recovery. Ben barely missed Diontae. He was wide open on the out.

Pressley Harvin came in for the punt and it took an aggressive bounce towards the end zone for the touchback. A disappointing outcome, not necessarily Harvin’s fault.

On first down, Fields deep incomplete to Allen Robinson. On 2nd, Darnell Mooney short completion for five yards. On third down, TJ Watt in again for his third sack of the night. Another monster game indeed.

Ray-Ray McCloud caught the punt and tried to spin back around to the outside. The ball was knocked loose and returned for a touchdown. McCloud trying to hit a homerun instead of knowing the game situation and playing it safe with the single. 23-20 Steelers.

Ben Roethlisberger and the offense are now being asked to seal the game after a lackluster second half. On first, Najee Harris employs the Le’Veon Bell patience behind the line before planting his foot and finding a gap for 13 yards.

On 1st, Chase Claypool gets the quick toss for a gain of 4. Claypool dinged up on the play. Najee Harris tackled for a loss of 1 on the play. 3rd and 7 now, and Ben targets Diontae Johnson on the out route. Complete for the first down. Offsides on the defense, but declined.

On first down, Ben complete to Kalen Ballage on a strange naked rollout into the flats. Ballage dives forward for a gain of two. Incomplete on second down as a pump fake got away from Ben. It was returned for a touchdown, but called incomplete. Former Steelers, Cassius Marsh gets an important sack on 3rd down. It appears he was then called for taunting his former team. He let the big moment get the best of him. A free first down, and likely the game-sealing one for the Steelers.

Ben Roethlisberger sacked again on 2nd down after a Najee Harris run for 3. There was a holding penalty, but the penalty was holding on the Steelers and declined. Ben connects with Diontae Johnson on 3rd and 16 for 11 yards. Short of the first down, but well within field goal range. The Bears burn their second timeout.

Chris Boswell nails the field goal. 26-20 Steelers.

Still, Justin Fields will have a chance to win the game with 2:52 and a timeout remaining.

Justin Fields complete to Allen Robinson on the first play of the drive. Cameron Heyward down injured on the play. He appears to be walking off fine and could very well return later in this drive. On 2nd and 1, incomplete deep to Darnell Mooney. A real deep shot by Justin Fields, his arm looks good. Mooney barely missed the catchable ball. On 3rd and 1, Fields kept the ball around the left end pushed out of bounds for the first down.

Justin Fields incomplete on 1st down intended for Allen Robinson. Devin Bush in coverage tipping the ball up into the air. Nearly picked off. Devin Bush with a tackle on 2nd down as Justin Fields scrambled for 8 yards to take it to the two minute warning.


The Bears have 2:00 and one timeout with 2nd and 2 on their own 45 yard line. A touchdown wins the game. The Steelers need nothing deep and TJ Watt is going to need to make a big play down Cameron Heyward.

Justin Fields goes deep to Allen Robinson for 39 yards. Arthur Maulet was burned badly. The Bears have the ball near the redzone with the clock stopped. Darnell Mooney touchdown in the back left of the end zone. The extra point miss may come back to bite the Steelers. 27-26 Bears.

So now, Ben Roethlisberger has 01:46 and 1 timeout to get within Chris Boswell field goal range.

The kickoff results in a touchback. Chase Claypool is still out injured.

On first down, Najee Harris receives the pass for four yards, unable to get out of bounds. On 2nd, Ben short left to Ray-Ray McCloud who ran it out of bounds for 12 yards and the first down.

Ben Roethlisberger complete to Najee Harris on first down. Robert Quinn lined up in the neutral zone for the third time this game. 1st and 5, and Ben complete to Diontae Johnson short over the middle for 22 yards. The Steelers are well within Chris Boswell field goal range. The Bears called for offsides again, but the penalty was declined.

As long as no turnover occurs, the Steelers have a pretty good chance at the game winning field goal from Chris Boswell.

Dan Moore Jr. called for the false start to back them up a bit. 1st and 15 from the 37 yard line. The Steelers do have a timeout, so they can use the middle of the field to better set up this field goal. Pat Freiermuth short left and he turns up field for 13 yards. The field goal is very comfortable at this point.

Ben Roethlisberger spiked the ball, thinking he was catching the 12th man running off. It was the 11th. Ben tried to run the ball for the first down, but he was just short. 4th and 1 and Chris Boswell goes out there for the game winning field goal. The Bears ice Boswell with their final timeout.

Chris Boswell kicks the field goal from 40 yards and it was nearly blocked. The field goal is good. 29-27 Steelers.

The kickoff rolled out of the back of the endzone. The Bears will start from their own 25 yard line with no timeouts. They must get at least 35 yards to set up their own game-winning field goal attempt.

On first down, incomplete to Cole Kmet. 00:22 remaining in the game. David Montgomery with the 7 yard reception getting out of bounds. Terrell Edmunds with illegal contact to tack 5 more yards on at the end of the play. Cole Kmet good for 10 yards getting out of bounds for the first down. 00:11 left, and probably two more plays to go for the Bears.

Justin Fields to the sideline for a gain of 12 to Cole Kmet. There is 00:05 remaining. It would be a 64 yard field goal attempt, but they opt to go for the hail mary. TJ Watt batted the ball at the line of scrimmage, buying the Bears one more shot. Cairo Santos coming in for the 65 yard field goal attempt. The ball was just about 5 yards short, but right on target.

The Steelers win 29-27.


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