2021 Week 11 Steelers Vs Chargers Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers, much like last week, couldn’t get the job done inside the red zone in the first half. The offense didn’t have any three-and-outs, but they failed on 4th and short on the goal line and had to settle for a field goal on the opening drive. Just one for three in the red zone so far and the Los Angeles Chargers are punishing those mistakes with long touchdown drives of their own.

The offensive line injuries continued with JC Hassenaeur being ruled out. Joe Haeg is filling in, which continues to tick against that potential compensatory pick in next year’s draft.

Down 17-10, the Steelers must stop the Chargers on the opening drive of the 2nd half. So far, the defense has not forced many 3rd downs let alone 4th downs.


The Steelers came out looking to clean things up and failed before the kickoff. Illegal formation results in the Chargers starting at the 30 yard line.

On 1st down, Austin Ekeler rushed up the middle for 2 yards stopped by Arthur Maulet. The next play was a false start, so 2nd and 13. The play resulted in an incomplete pass to Keenan Allen, so 3rd and 13. Isaiah Buggs nearly intercepted the ball much like Cam Heyward did a couple weeks ago. The Steelers get their best chance of the night at a three-and-out. Keenan Allen with three defenders around makes the long reception of 30 yards.

On 1st down, Herbert went back to Allen for another 14 yards, so 44 yards for the combination on the last two plays.

The Chargers offense can do no wrong. Austin Ekeler took the next two plays for 39 yards and a touchdown. It took only 3:20 to score on this defense comprised mostly of backups. 24-10 Chargers.

At this point, even one drive that doesn’t end in a touchdown for the offense is going to be back-breaking. The offense has not shown that type of consistency this season, so the 2nd half could get rough.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback. On 1st down, Ben Roethlisberger went to Pat Freiermuth on the check down for about 3 yards. On 2nd down, Najee Harris was wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage and fought his way back for no gain. On 3rd, Ben attempted a deep throw to Chase Claypool, but it was dropped. Another 50/50 ball that Claypool just doesn’t seem to win.

Pressley Harvin’s punt went 46 yards and was downed at the 26 yard line. Can the Steelers defense get their first stop of the night?

Keenan Allen got two receptions for 13 yards on the first two plays of the drive.

A would-be Cameron Heyward sack was pitched out at the last second for the dump off. Keenan Allen got involved again on 2nd down converting again.

Larry Rountree went 27 yards on 1st down, but a holding nullified the play. Josh Palmer made up the penalty yardage and picked up the first down on the next play. Devin Bush was the closest defender.

Cam Sutton made a tackle for loss on Austin Ekeler on 2nd down, so now its 3rd and 5. Herbert scrambled for the 1st down. Defensive holding was called, so it was a 1st down with or without the scramble.

Cam Sutton made another stop with a big tackle out near the sideline. The next play was offensive holding, so now 3rd and 13. The 3rd down pass was incomplete, so the Chargers will likely kick a field goal to make it a three possession game.

The kick was no good, but Cam Sutton was offsides, so they will get another chance 5 yards closer. The field goal is good. 27-10 Chargers.

Ben Roethlisberger checked down to Najee Harris for 2 yards. Another check down to Najee, this time for 6 yards. On 3rd and short, Ben rushed the team to the line without huddling. He hit Claypool across the middle. Claypool turned upfield for 28 yards.

On 1st down, Diontae Johnson got the ball on a short pass in the middle of the field for 5 yards. Najee Harris gained three on 2nd. He could have stepped upfield for the first down, but tried to bounce outside and failed. On 3rd and 2, Najee Harris got the check down for 7 yards.

On the last play of the quarter, Ben checked down to Eric Ebron for 1 yard.


Ben Roethlisberger complete short left to James Washington to set up 3rd and 4 near the red zone. This is 4 down territory, a field goal does you no good. On 3rd, the ball was batted at the line of scrimmage. The field goal unit came out and the kick is good. 27-13 Chargers.

Austin Ekeler rushed up the middle for 5 yards on first down. On 2nd, Ekeler went up the middle again for 2 yards. 3rd and 3, Herbert incomplete deep right intended for Mike Williams. For the first time in the game, the Chargers will punt the football.

The punt doesn’t go off without a hitch with two penalty flags down. The penalties are offsetting, so the punt will be re-done.

Miles Killebrew blocked the punt on the re-do. They almost were able to scoop and score, but it rolled out of bounds. The Steelers will take over on the 3 yard line.

On 1st down, Ben tried to check down to Najee Harris on a quick out route, but it fell incomplete. Chase Claypool went around the left end on 2nd down for a two yard loss, so now its 3rd and goal from the 5.

On 3rd down, Ben incomplete intended for Diontae Johnson. That big special teams play and the Steelers don’t capitalize. They should probably just go for it. They line up to go for it and Ben throws to Chase Claypool. The ball fall is intercepted off the bounce, but a flag is down. The Steelers get a re-do on that awful drive.

On 1st down, Derek Watt leads the way as the fullback for Najee Harris to dive over the pile for the touchdown! 27-20 Chargers.

Matt Canada got bailed out there big time. The Steelers now have 11:35 to erase a 7 point deficit. Things turned around pretty quickly there.

Justin Herbert checked down on 1st down for a gain of 11 yards. On the next play, the ball fell incomplete over the middle. James Pierre was in with good coverage. On 2nd down, back to Parham for 12 more yards and a first down.

Larry Rountree went up the middle on 1st for 5 yards, crossing midfield. On 2nd, the pass was a little high intended for Keenan Allen. Terrell Edmunds nearly got the interception. On a big 3rd down play, Justin Herbert had a hole a mile wide and ran for 36 yards. Cameron Heyward was somehow the one to chase him down to prevent the touchdown. Arthur Maulet was down injured on the play. Slot corner is going to be an issue now.

On the next play, Austin Ekeler in for a 5 yard touchdown. He is trying his best Jonathan Taylor impression. 34-20 Chargers.

All that hoopla on special teams for nothing. Justin Herbert has way more rushing yards than the entire Pittsburgh Steelers rushing attack. Not good.

On 1st down, Ben Roethlisberger fumbled the ball on the sack. Ben recovered it himself. The next play, Ben erases most of the lost yardage with a nice pass to Chase Claypool for 16 yards. Ray-Ray McCloud converts on 3rd with a 4 yard reception.

Najee Harris was injured on the 1st down reception for 5 yards. It was a late helmet to helmet hit that should have been flagged. Najee almost certainly has a concussion after that hit and reaction. 2nd down was incomplete intended for Diontae Johnson. Diontae got the ball on 3rd down and he went for 32 yards running all the way across the field.

On this 1st down, Ben looks to Eric Ebron over the middle for an 18 yard completion.

1st and goal, Ben hits Chase Claypool short on the right for 4 yards. 2nd and goal from the 5, Eric Ebron catches short of the end zone, but turns up and lowers his shoulder for the touchdown. 34-27 Chargers.

A defensive stop is a must here with 4:49 remaining. Any points allowed and this thing is over.

On 1st down, James Pierre slipped while trying to cover Keenan Allen, but the pass was overthrown. Cameron Heyward batted the ball up in the air on 2nd down and Cam Sutton dove in for the interception! The Steelers have the ball in the red zone down by 7.

The 1st down play was incomplete intended for Chase Claypool in the end zone, but unnecessary roughness on Joey Bosa. The Steelers have 1st and goal from the 5.5 yard line.

Najee Harris is still in the locker room being evaluated for a concussion. Ben dropped back on 2nd down and targeted Pat Freiermuth on the screen out wide. Freiermuth ran it in for the touchdown. The game is tied pending the extra point. Craziness. 34-34 Even.

This is the first 30+ point performance in a while for the Steelers.

On 1st down, Jared Cook took his eyes off the ball and dropped the easy first down completion. On 2nd, Alex Highsmith with a nasty spin move for the sack. 3rd and 15 and the Steelers called a timeout. The Chargers were trying to catch the Steelers off guard. The Chargers got 13 yards on 3rd, but were stopped just short of the 1st down. On 4th and inches, Joe Schobert came into the backfield for the tackle for loss. Turnover on downs! The Steelers now have the inside track to win this game. Unreal.

On 1st down, the pass was incomplete intended for Chase Claypool. Kalen Ballage is in at running back. On 2nd, James Washington gets the grab for 7 yards to set up 3rd and 3. This play is huge, as it will allow the Steelers to eat up clock before the field goal. The Steelers burned a timeout to think a little extra on this play. This timeout leaves them less time later if the Chargers are able to score. Diontae Johnson was targeted, but it fell incomplete. The defender was clearly holding Johnson, but they ruled it was uncatchable.

Chris Boswell lines up for the field goal and it is good. 37-34 Steelers.

The Steelers have their first lead of the night, but there is way too much time remaining for the Chargers. That picked up flag for pass interference was a killer.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback. On 1st down, Herbert complete to Parham for 5 yards. On 2nd down, Austin Ekeler got the short pass to the right and ran for 17 yards. Devin Bush made the tackle on the play, he ran right across Bush’s face for the big gain.

On 1st down, Justin Herbert passed deep left and Mike Williams ran all the way for the touchdown. The Steelers first lead was instantly erased. 41-37 Chargers.

On the plus side, they scored very fast. The Steelers have 2:09 and 1 timeout remaining. The two minute warning after the first play and then Ben has a chance for one of his signature game winning drives.

This last drive will be featuring Najee Harris as he was cleared to return. Amazing. Najee is built like a tank, most people would have been knocked out.

The 1st play of the drive was a sack on Ben Roethlisberger for a loss of 8 yards. The two minute warning saves that from eating too much clock.


The Steelers are down 41-37 with 2:00 remaining and 1 timeout. It is 2nd and 18. Najee Harris is back in the game. On 2nd and 18, Ben was sacked for another 11 yard loss. The Steelers don’t want to burn their timeout, so they rush to the line and run a play. Ben incomplete deep to Diontae Johnson. 4th and 29 backed up to their own 4 yard line. What an unfortunate way for this game to end.

Diontae Johnson limped off the field after the 3rd down play. With nothing to lose, the Steelers take the delay of game. The 4th down pass was incomplete.

The Chargers can kneel it out to win. Game over.


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