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Report: Browns QB Baker Mayfield Has Fractured Humerus Bone In Addition To Torn Labrum

Not only will the Cleveland Browns be without starting quarterback Baker Mayfield Thursday night against the Denver Broncos, it’s starting to sound more and more like he could also miss the team’s Week 8 home game next Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers as well.

Ahead of the Browns playing the Broncos Thursday night, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports delivered some breaking news about Mayfield’s left shoulder injury that he’s been dealing with for a few weeks now.

“Everybody knows that Baker Mayfield has a torn labrum but what you don’t know, and I have learned from Baker in a conversation yesterday, he actually is also suffering; he fractured his shoulder bone, his humorous bone,” Glazer reported Thursday night. “It came through in a scan late this week and Baker says to me, ‘Until I get that healed, I can’t get back out there.’ So, there’s the torn labrum and what happens there is, that keeps your shoulder in place. When the shoulder popped out last week, it ended up fracturing the bone in his shoulder. He’s got to get that healed. So, a lot worse than they originally thought. But for Baker saying, ‘Man, as soon as I get that healed, I’m getting back out there.’ I said, ‘What’s the timeline like?’ He said, ‘I’m hoping for next week.'”

Our own Dr. Melanie Friedlander weighed in on Glazer’s report on Twitter right after it surfaced and as you can see by her early diagnosis below, she doubts Mayfield will be healed enough to play a week from Sunday against the Steelers in Cleveland.

So, well now wait and see what next week holds for Mayfield. The Browns playing Thursday night will give him a little extra time to heal so there’s that. Should, however, Mayfield ultimately be unable to play a week from Sunday against the Steelers, backup quarterback Case Keenum would likely make his second consecutive start.


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