Dan Moore Jr. On Adrian Klemm: ‘He’s A Teacher’

Though the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive line is in rough shape, Dan Moore Jr. thinks the team has the right coach to right the ship. Adrian Klemm is in his first year as a head offensive line coach in the NFL and on Wednesday, Moore was asked about the style of coach Klemm is.

“He’s a teacher,” Moore told reporters after today’s practice. “I think sometimes he becomes passionate and it may seem like yelling. But it’s coaching and we all respect it. And we have to get better with it.”

Klemm served as the team’s assistant offensive line coach for two seasons before being promoted this offseason, replacing Shaun Sarrett, who failed in his two seasons replacing Mike Munchak. Klemm’s mantra was to add a more physical and nasty offensive line and to his credit, he’s done that. The Steelers issues, unlike last year, aren’t for not being physical enough. Kendrick Green, for all his warts, is an aggressive finisher good for a couple of pancakes per game.

But being a physical group doesn’t mean a competent group. That much is obvious. Though more aggressive, this team has gotten worse run blocking compared to a season ago. Najee Harris is averaging under 3.1 yards per carry and as a team, they’re averaging just 3.2. Compare that to a year ago where James Conner averaged 4.3, Benny Snell even at 3.3, and they sat at 3.6 as a team.

An issue and fact that’s not lost on Moore.

“It’s frustrating. Just because we put a lot on ourselves. And we know we have to get the running game going. We haven’t performed and we gotta do better.”

The Steelers’ entire offseason plan revolved around an improved run game. Which would allow a more balanced attack and not force Ben Roethlisberger to throw 40-50 times per game. That plan hasn’t worked and the offense has taken another step backwards. Until and if that changes, this group won’t show any improvement.

Klemm will have to become the world’s best teacher. Or soon enough, the team will find someone else to be the head of the class.

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