Bryan: 2021 NFL Season Predictions

NFL logos for Steelers, all 32 teams

The 2021 NFL season is finally here as it kicks off Thursday night with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosting the Dallas Cowboys on NBC.

As I do every year, below are my final regular season records and playoff predictions for the 2021 season. But first, have a little fun by looking at my predictions from last season. Overall, not bad, I suppose. I did have the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl but had them losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I did not have the Cleveland Browns or Indianapolis Colts making the playoffs last year on the AFC side but hit the rest of the teams. I also missed on the Washington Football Team and the Chicago Bears both making the playoffs.

This year in the NFC, I do have a lot the usual suspects making the playoffs. Those seven teams are the Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, Football Team, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, and the San Francisco 49ers. Like last season, I have the Buccaneers as the NFC Champions in 2021. I have them beating the Saints in the NFC title game this year.

On the AFC side, I think the AFC North is going to be huge dogfight with the top three teams all finishing 9-8. I have the Steelers winning the division with a 4-2 divisional record thanks to a sweep of the Cincinnati Bengals. I have the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns both going 3-3 in the division with the former missing the playoffs. At best, I think 10 wins for the team that win the AFC North in 2021.

The Steelers, like the rest of the AFC North, have a very tough schedule in 2021. I think the Pittsburgh defense has a chance to be very good again in 2021 but not be quite as good as the 2020 unit was. I really worry about the Steelers offense when it comes to the 2021 season and especially the rebuilt offensive line. That unit is sure to have some growing pains throughout the season, especially with two rookies included in the five. While I think the offense can get better as the season goes on, I don’t think it will be enough in a few key games and especially later in the season. Even so, I think the Steelers have a team that can make the playoffs this season and especially if they can win more than eight games. If they do make the playoffs, I can’t see the 2021 Steelers winning it all, in what could very well be the final year for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

I’m real bullish on the Buffalo Bills in 2021 and think they will run away with the AFC East. I also think the Tennessee Titans will have no problem winning the AFC South division and for quite obvious reasons. The same goes for the Kansas City Chiefs, who lost to the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl last year.

While I do have the Steelers making the playoffs in 2021, I have them bowing out to the Bills in the second round. I have the Bills going on to win their first ever Super Bowl and beating the Buccaneers in the process.

Enjoy the 2021 NFL season and as always, go Steelers!

AFC East W L T
Buffalo Bills 13 4 0
New England Patriots 9 8 0
Miami Dolphins 5 12 0
New York Jets 4 13 0
AFC North W L T
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 8 0
Cleveland Browns 9 8 0
Baltimore Ravens 9 8 0
Cincinnati Bengals 6 11 0
AFC South W L T
Tennessee Titans 12 5 0
Indianapolis Colts 6 11 0
Houston Texans 3 14 0
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 16 0
AFC West W L T
Kansas City Chiefs 13 4 0
Los Angeles Chargers 10 7 0
Las Vegas Raiders 8 9 0
Denver Broncos 4 13 0
NFC East W L T
Washington Football Team 11 6 0
Dallas Cowboys 9 8 0
Philadelphia Eagles 6 11 0
New York Giants 5 12 0
NFC North W L T
Green Bay Packers 14 3 0
Detroit Lions 7 10 0
Minnesota Vikings 7 10 0
Chicago Bears 5 12 0
NFC South W L T
New Orleans Saints 13 4 0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 4 0
Atlanta Falcons 9 8 0
Carolina Panthers 7 10 0
NFC West W L T
Seattle Seahawks 13 4 0
Los Angeles Rams 12 5 0
San Francisco 49ers 12 5 0
Arizona Cardinals 8 9 0


Saints beat 49ers

Seahawks beat Rams

Buccaneers beat Football Team


Saints beat Seahawks

Buccaneers beat Packers


Buccaneers beat Saints


Chiefs beat Browns

Titans beat Patriots

Steelers beat Chargers


Chiefs beat Titans

Bills beat Steelers


Bills beat Chiefs


Bills beat Buccaneers

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