Cam Heyward Calls Devin Bush ‘A Heck Of A Football Player,’ Says Team ‘Will Reign Him Back In’ On Social Media

Remember Devin Bush’s tweets? The hot story of *checks notes* two weeks ago that everyone will forget about once there’s actually football to be played? Though it became a big story in the local and even national media, Cam Heyward doesn’t seem too concerned.

Heyward spoke with reporters following Friday’s practice. ESPN’s Brooke Pryor filmed and shared the video of his answer.

Here is Heyward’s complete answer.

“Devin is grown-up,” he said. “He likes to play young. I don’t have to say a lot. I think everybody expecting something different, but Devin’s a heck of a football player. He can be a kid at times, but we’ll reign him back in when we have to.”

A 46-word answer so yes, Heyward in fact doesn’t need to say much. However, he did have one public response to Bush about ten days ago.

That tweet was likely in jest. If Heyward or any teammate had a serious issue with what Bush was doing, it would be handled out of the public eye. Bush tweeted that he received a “fine” from his boys so it sounds like to some degree, his teammates stepped in.

While Bush’s social media activity wasn’t a story fans want to hear, it likely doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. As long as he doesn’t go full-Antonio Brown and tweet or take shots at the team, his social media posts will become offseason fodder for when there’s little else to talk about. Heyward’s answer indicates he’s not worried about what Bush was posting on Twitter.

More importantly, Bush will need to show he’s fully recovered from his torn ACL and ready for Week One. The fact he avoided Active/PUP to start the season is a great sign that he should be 100% for the Bills’ game. Bush was making a second-year jump prior to his season-ending injury in 2020 and will need to continue to ascend this season. Assuming good health, he’s expected to play 100% of the defense’s snaps, just as he did last year prior to tearing up his knee.

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