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Steelers Playoff Spot Clinching Scenarios For Week 14

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a multitude of things not go their way in Week 13 and it started with them not beating the Washington Football Team at home on Monday night. Not only that, the Steelers failed to clinch a playoff spot in Week 13 as the Las Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins all won their respective games. While the Steelers failed to clinch a playoff berth in Week 13, their odds of doing so in Week 14 seem to be much greater than they were seven days ago.

For starters, the Steelers can once again clinch a playoff spot in Week 14 with a win or tie against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night. Taking that scenario a step further, a Steelers win on Sunday night combined with a loss by the Cleveland Browns to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night would result in the AFC North title belonging to Pittsburgh.

The Steelers, however, could potentially already have a playoff berth locked up before they play the Bills in Sunday night in Buffalo. For that to happen, however, one or more of the Raiders or Dolphins must lose or tie in Week 14 or the Tennessee Titans must lose their respective Sunday game.

The 8-4 Titans will host the 1-11 Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon in early game action while the 8-4 Dolphins will host the 11-1 Kansas City Chiefs at the same time. Later on Sunday afternoon, the 7-5 Raiders will host the 8-4 Colts.

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