2020 Week 15 Steelers Vs Bengals Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Steelers just had their single worst half of the season, and possibly the worst first half of Ben Roethlisberger’s entire career. He passed for just 19 yards with an interception and some fumbles to go around the offense. Even still, missed opportunities in the passing game and off target throws have completely denied the Steelers of any opportunity. The Cincinnati Bengals came out the more physical team and their execution of the game plan has simply been better than Pittsburgh’s.

There is still plenty of football to play, and the Bengals have certainly blown their fair share of first half leads this season, but the Steelers will need to find it within themselves during half time.

Reports state that Mason Rudolph was warming up on the sideline. This could be a scary situation for the Steelers. If Ben Roethlisberger gets benched it could get ugly in the locker room.

The Bengals first drive resulted in a three-and-out. A highly necessary outcome if the Steelers are to fight back in this uphill battle.

Ray-Ray McCloud made the first man miss on the return and picked up a few yards to start the Steelers offense at the 33 yard line.

Ben Roethlisberger’s first pass of the half was high to Benny Snell incomplete. If the safety was alert it could have been an interception.

On third and short, Ben hit Chase Claypool on a wide receiver screen. He squeezed in between the defender and the sideline for 37 yards and he was nearly off to the races.

Ben Roethlisberger hit Diontae Johnson the very next play on a corner/fade for the touchdown. Nice hand work by Diontae to create separation right before the catch. 17-7 Bengals.

TJ Watt came into the backfield on 1st down and tackled Samaje Perine for a loss. Thats three tackles for a loss in this game including a sack (or a half sack pending).

Ryan Finley threw deep to Tee Higgins on third down and it would have likely been a touchdown. Due to the underthrow, Cameron Sutton was able to catch up and lay his body out for the breakup. The Bengals will punt and the Steelers have the ball down 10. Things are already looking up.

Diontae Johnson with a nice snag on first down for about eight yards. He probably could have gotten up field for the first down, but tried to do too much and settled for eight.

Benny Snell up the middle on 2nd down and got right around the first down marker. The officials called it a first down.

Diontae Johnson across the middle on 1st down for another 8 yard pickup, helping keep the offense on schedule with situational football.

Benny Snell with an explosive run! A site for sore eyes. He made it 29 yards on the run and got the Steelers just outside the red zone.

Benny Snell with another first down pickup. He was able to beat the defender to the sideline and turn up for 13 yards. All of a sudden Benny Snell has 81 yards on 12 rushes – impressive.

On first and goal, Ben extended the play and barely missed Chase Claypool in the back of the end zone. Benny Snell carried it up the middle on 2nd, but a broken play on third leaves the Steelers with a field goal attempt. The field goal is good. 17-10 Bengals.

The Chris Boswell kickoff sailed out of the back of the end zone.

A coverage sack of first down, as Ryan Finley had plenty of time but eventually stepped up into a Stephon Tuitt sack. On 2nd down, a sweep to Giovani Bernard for only a few yards as Terrell Edmunds was in on the stop.

3rd and 7 here for the Bengals, Ryan Finley completely missed his target and the ball fell incomplete intended for AJ Green.

The Bengals were forced to punt and Ray-Ray McCloud was able to pick up a few yards weaving in and out of would be tacklers. The Steelers get the ball at their own 32 down just 7 points.

Anthony McFarland on a quick running back screen on first for 9 yards. The offense is putting themselves in manageable positions this half. On 2nd down, Ben tried to hit Diontae Johnson, but the ball was tipped up. It could have been intercepted for a touchdown, but fell incomplete. Diontae Johnson down injured on the play. Looks like a possible cramp as he was able to run off the field.

Benny Snell attempted to go up the middle for the first down, but got stuffed behind the line of scrimmage. If that was an RPO, Ben probably should have pulled the ball and passed.

Jordan Berry had his best punt of the night, but it took a bad bounce and rolled through the end zone.

Marcus Allen down injured as the Bengals converted for a 1st down. Avery Williamson is back from his injury earlier in the game, but they are right back to having zero available depth at the inside linebacker position. It looks like some sort of shoulder injury for Allen.

TJ Watt called for a neutral zone infraction on 1st down, so the Bengals are now right around midfield with a 1st and 5 to start the 4th quarter.

Giovani Bernard up the middle to pick up the first down. The next play the same thing, but stuffed for just a gain of one.

Marcus Allen back in the game and in on the tackle on Bernard. 3rd and 5 for the Bengals and Ryan Finley kept the ball and ran up the middle for the first down. Alex Highsmith and Cameron Heyward were mid stunt which caused them to be out of position to make the play.

The Bengals are running the football well and driving the field which is eating a lot of clock. They are well within field goal range. Ryan Finley on an option kept the ball and got a 23 yard rushing touchdown to extend the Bengals lead. 24-10 Bengals.

That drive, and the legs of Ryan Finley, may be the nail in the coffin in this game. Still about 11 minutes left, but a two possession game is expecting a lot from this Steelers team in its current state.

Both of those Ryan Finley runs were at the fault of Alex Highsmith would gave up contain.

Benny Snell with the leg drive to pick up six on 1st down. They went back to Snell on 2nd, but he couldn’t get around the right end and was tackled for a loss.

Juju Smith-Schuster faked the crosser and turned back outside to get wide open for a gain of 21 yards. The next play, Ben forced it into Diontae Johnson who secured the catch for a gain of 4. Benny Snell was able to convert the first down the next play getting involved in the receiving game. Snell is finishing plays tonight, lowering his shoulder to get that extra yard or two.

Ben Roethlisberger tried to throw the ball away and threw it right to William Jackson deep left. He dropped the interception thankfully.

The Steelers are nearing the red zone and need to get this touchdown sooner rather than later if they want a chance with just 8:21 remaining in the game.

Chase Claypool able to pick up the first down for the Steelers on a hook route. Claypool did a nice job rushing the corner to make him back off and respect the speed.

On 2nd down, Ben’s pass was deflected at the line of scrimmage to set up 3rd and 1. Benny Snell tried to go around the right end and got brought down for a loss. The offensive line failed to get any push and Benny had to bounce outside to try and make something happen.

The Steelers attempting the 4th and 4. Ben tried to hit Diontae Johnson on an out route to the left sideline, but he was interfered with by William Jackson. A fresh set of downs for the Steelers near the goal line. A critical foul there as that would have ended the game if incomplete.

Benny Snell was able to punch the ball in from the one yard line. They elect to go for the point after attempt and its good. 24-17 Bengals.

Benny Snell is certainly the offensive MVP for the game. Diontae Johnson close behind with a nice bounce back campaign.

The Bengals are trying to pound the ball up the middle with Giovani Bernard to close out this game. The first two plays, it worked as there is just a 3rd and short situation here. The Steelers need to come up with a big stop here or it gets hairy moving into the final minutes of the game.

The Bengals did the QB sneak from under center and it worked. A fresh set of downs as the clock ticks down. Ryan Finley kept the ball around the right edge for a pickup of a few. He has taken quite a few big hits in this game, you have to tip your cap to his toughness tonight.

Minkah Fitzpatrick saw the Ryan Finley keeper on 3rd down and he broke his feet down to bring Finley down in the open field to defend the 1st down. The defensive play of the game for the Steelers so far and in a much needed time.

4th and 4, so the Bengals will have to punt. A short punt and a fair catch put the Steelers are around the 25 yard line.

The Steelers have 2:17 and one timeout remaining. This game won’t end due to time. The Steelers have plenty of time and just have to take care of business to tie the game up. First and second down fell incomplete. On third down, Ben pointed deep as if to tell his receiver to keep going. Chase Claypool deep with a chance to catch the ball and the defender knocked the ball away. A lot of questionable no-calls with pass interference this game. It was close, but to me that was interfered with as the defender didn’t attempt to turn his head to the ball.

4th and 10 after the two minute warning break. Do or die here for the Steelers. Cincinnati saw how the Steelers lined up and called a timeout. A little bit of a chess match on the potential last meaningful play of the game.

Ben Roethlisberger drops back under a little pressure and threw the ball too high. He gave his receiver no chance. Turnover on downs and ballgame for the Steelers.

Three straight losses, little to be optimistic about moving into the end of the season, and opening the door wide open for a Cleveland Browns AFC North championship.

The Steelers ultimately could not overcome their first half mistakes to win the game.

FINAL 27-17 Bengals.

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