2020 Week 10 Steelers Vs Bengals Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are up on the Cincinnati Bengals 22-7 coming out of halftime. The Bengals will receive the ball at the half.

Ben Roethlisberger has been excellent after the usual early game rust, throwing for 243 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. The running game has been unable to find a spark, continuing its recent trend of keeping the Steelers behind schedule on downs. The run defense of the Steelers has been better than recent weeks with the return of Tyson Alualu, allowing only 29 yards in the first half on the ground.

The Cincinnati Bengals with a touchback to start the half. Joe Burrow’s ankle bothering him a bit. Joe Haden tackling the catch in the flat to hold the Bengals to a short gain on 2nd down. 3rd and 7 for the Steelers, and Joe Haden breaks up the pass. Very good play by Haden to force the punt.

The punt took a bit of a Bengals bounce and the Steelers will get their first drive of the half starting at the 22 yard line.

The Steelers clearly wanting to establish the run this half, with Jerald Hawkins reporting eligible as an extra tackle. The first two attempts were not so good with a yard pickup to James Conner each.

Ben Roethlisberger to Juju Smith Schuster, but just short of the 1st down marker. The Steelers will punt it right back to the Bengals.

Jordan Berry with another monster punt of 58 yards and the returner was immediately tackled. Bad starting field position for the Bengals.

From the big James Conner hit earlier:

TJ Watt with an excellent run stop crashing down into the gap for the 1 yard run stop. On 2nd down, the pass was not on target on the crosser and fell incomplete.

On 3rd down, Joe Burrow hit Tyler Boyd along the right sideline. The call on the field was incomplete, but the play is under review. To me, it looked like that 2nd foot swung in just in time for the completion and 1st down conversion.

The play stands and the Bengals lose a timeout. They will punt.

The Bengals special teams players are heavily suggesting that they forced a fumble on the punt return and recovered. It may have been forward progress. The Steelers get the ball and go to Chase Claypool on the sweep on 1st down.

The running game is not working in the slightest, no matter how basic or exotic they try to get with it. Ben incomplete to Juju Smith-Schuster on 2nd down, setting up 3rd and 10.

Chase Claypool on an out route is able to convert for the first down. He only has 2 receptions, but for 40 yards so far in this game.

Ben Roethlisberger to James Conner on first down on a quick release slack for a pickup of 8. The Steelers might, and probably should, fully abandon the run game at this point.

Chase Claypool wasn’t able to convert along the sideline another time as he couldn’t get both feet in and ultimately dropped the ball trying to do so.

Roethlisberger to Eric Ebron on a corner route up the seam. A nice chunk of yardage and a fresh set of downs. Eric Ebron landed a little awkward and came out the next play, but is already back in.

Ben Roethlisberger took a nice hit on the 1st down incompletion to Chase Claypool. Another incompletion the next play to Juju Smith-Schuster.

Roethlisberger rolled out to avoid pressure and found Juju for another first down. The next play, on first down, James Conner finally found a hole in the running game and James Conner ran downhill and span for an 11 yard pickup and another first down.

Ben Roethlisberger just barely missed Juju in the end zone. Six inches lower on the throw and it would have been a touchdown. On 2nd down, Chase Claypool with multiple defenders in coverage was able to secure the ball for the touchdown. The Chris Boswell extra point was good. 29-7 Steelers.

An AJ Green sighting. He didn’t catch the ball, but that is probably the first time I have heard his name in this game. 2nd down and 10, Joe Burrow drops back and overthrows his receiver. Minkah Fitzpatrick nearly picked him off behind the overthrow.

AJ Green almost got both feet in for the Bengals first 3rd down conversion, but was not quite able to. The Bengals fail yet another 3rd down attempt and will punt.

On 2nd down, a pass to Juju Smith-Schuster draws a pass interference as the defender made no attempt to get his head around.

Ben Roethlisberger deep right to Chase Claypool on 3rd down. It was close, but just barely overthrown. Chase’s route was slightly altered by the defender or it could have been complete. The Steelers will punt.

A quick three-and-out for the Bengals gives the Steelers the ball back. A couple incomplete passes and a short 6 yard pickup.

Ben Roethlisberger went from the kill shot on 1st down to Chase Claypool. Nearly hauled in, but a defender hit him hard at the catch point.

Juju received the 2nd yard pass and fought for another couple yards. Just shy of the first down. The Steelers will have a 3rd and 1 attempt after the end of quarter break.

Jessie Bates undercut the route on 3rd down intended for Eric Ebron, but dropped it. He would have had an easy return for a touchdown. Instead, the Steelers punt. Jordan Berry punted and pinned the Bengals on their own 2 yard line.

The Steelers called a timeout to stop play as they didn’t like what they saw prior to 1st down.

Joe Burrow dropped back and tossed it deep, but it fell well short. A short pass on 3rd down was tackled well short of the first down. 4th and 5, and the Bengals will be punting from deep in their own end zone.

Ray-Ray McCloud received the punt, hesitated to scan the field and then burst through a hole. Once again, he was 1 player away from breaking it for a touchdown. Still, a 43 yard return putting the Steelers in the red zone. McCloud is really something.

James Conner up the middle for only 1 yard. On 2nd down, Ben Roethlisberger to Juju Smith-Schuster who fought for the extra yards necessary for a 1st down.

Chase Claypool with another touchdown reception on a quick crosser. He was lined up as the z receiver and slanted in for the easy touchdown. The Chris Boswell extra point is good. 36-7 Steelers.

I hate to call it before it is over, but…

Bud Dupree and Stephon Tuitt split another sack on Joe Burrow. The Steelers back to receive the punt, but Cincinnati faked it and picked up a first down.

Tyson Alualu and Robert Spillane in for another sack. The should probably pull Joe Burrow at this point as the pressure is being dialed up.

The Bengals field goal is good. 36-10 Steelers.

If this is the final score, this could be the biggest loss in Joe Burrows life as a football player. 26 point rout.

Mason Rudolph to come in with just under 5 minutes remaining, and of course a three-and-out.

The bench is completely cleared as the backups are all in. The 2:00 warning extends the game another few moments as the Steelers gear up to officially extend their win streak to 9 straight games.


FINAL: 36-10 Steelers. (9-0)

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