Perspective Of An Average Steelers Fan: Day By Day

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The Pittsburgh Steelers plan to visit the Tennessee Titans undone by the Covid-19 virus. The NFL postponed what was to be a battle of unbeatens in Nashville until week seven several more Titan players and staff tested positive. Now the two teams will play October 25. The Steelers will play the Baltimore Ravens the following week which both teams were supposed to have a bye.

Coach Mike Tomlin when asked about the possibility of Pittsburgh playing 13 straight games responded, “we don’t care.” Earlier, when playing this week remained a possibility Tomlin stated that, “We’ll take it day by day.”

As an average Steelers fan, I am opting to follow coach Tomlin’s advice and will take Steelers situation day by day. My plan to attend the Steelers game in Nashville is now off. Instead, I am going on a weeklong road trip. No firm destination though we will cross through Tennessee with Terrible Towel on hand. From there, who knows. Our crew will return to the Washington DC area next Saturday, then I will drive up to Pittsburgh.

Waiting to hear from the Steelers ticket office on whether I will be able to attend to Steelers game against the Philadelphia Eagles on October 11. Hotel room is reserved, I’m ready to go when the Steelers are.


I always like to offer a music selection. Here is Day by Day sung by Robin Lamont on the Godspell soundtrack. She attended Carnegie-Mellon University.


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