2020 Week 7 Steelers Vs Titans Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Steelers lead 24-7 at half and will start out the 2nd half on defense. They had a chance to tack more points on at the end of the half with at least a field goal, but Ben got a little greedy and tried to force a touchdown which resulted in an interception.

Regardless, a good spot for the Steelers to be entering the 2nd half.

James Conner outdoing Derrick Henry through the first half:

Titans tight ends have only 3 yards in the 1st half. Pretty remarkable considering Robert Spillane is filling in at ILB.

TJ Watt opens the half with the Steelers first sack of the day. A couple TFL’s and a sack for Watt now. Terrell Edmunds the next play for a nice run stop.

On 3rd down, Terrell Edmunds nearly intercepted the ball, but it fell incomplete. 4th and 16 and the Titans punt. McCloud returned it back to about the 34 yard line.

A statement drive by the Steelers defense who is not looking to give up the lead.

James Conner was tackled when he was already out of bounds, tacking on another 15 yards to the run. Steelers entered Titans territory around the 40 yard line.

Jadeveon Clowney is down injured, but doesn’t look too serious.

Ben Roethlisberger deep to Chase Claypool. Slightly underthrown, but it drew the pass interference penalty. The Steelers are back in the red zone. The Steelers are clearly trying to establish the run this half to close out the game. On 3rd down, Ben to Ebron in the end zone, but incomplete. 30 yard attempt for Chris Boswell is good. 27-7 Steelers.

That sack-a-mole graphic was pretty humorous.

A.J. Brown with a catch and run explosive play across the middle. Minkah took a bad angle and Brown outran the rest of the secondary. 27-14 Steelers.

The Steelers will need to answer with some points here, or this game could get interesting.

The Steelers with a quick three-and-out to answer the Titans score. This is exactly how you let teams back in games. No time killed on the clock and the Titans get the ball back with only a minute killed on the Steelers drive. Plenty of bally game to go.

Jordan Berry’s triumphant return is now complete as his first punt is inside the opponents 20. A much needed good punt for the Steelers.

Stephon Tuitt with the stuff on 1st down. Vince Williams with the stuff on 2nd down. Cameron Sutton tackled the catch on 3rd down and the Titans will punt. Punter lined up around the 10 and had a monster punt. The Steelers starting around their own 12 yard line.

Eric Ebron on 1st down for a 5 yard pickup. Juju Smith-Schuster on 2nd down for 2 yards setting up 3rd and 3. This is a big 3rd down opportunity for the offense. Juju in a bubble screen and he converts the first down!

Ben Roethlisberger’s pass deflected at the line of scrimmage straight up in the air and the ball was intercepted. The Titans have the ball on the Pittsburgh 30 yard line.

A big sack by Vince Williams and Cameron Heyward on 1st down. A loss of 3 for the Titans. Tannehill drops back again and the ball was deflected near the line of scrimmage by T.J. Watt. Robert Spillane had an opportunity to intercept, but it was quick. Tannehill deep on 3rd down, and it was way overthrown. 51 yard field goal attempt for Stephen Gostkowski.

The field goal is good. 27-17 Steelers.

That was a nice defensive stand for the Steelers who desperately needed it to keep the game a two possession game.

James Conner on 1st down, it looked like he was getting tackled for no gain, but he stayed upright and fought for a 5 yard gain. Vance McDonald for the first down on the next play.

James Conner on 1st down and he slipped for no gain. Juju tripped running his route on 2nd down for an incompletion. 3rd and 10 for the Steelers on their own 40 yard line. Ben drops back and nearly threw and interception on a deflected pass. These deflected passes have not bounced Pittsburgh’s way today.

Jordan Berry with his second punt of the game. A deep punt to the 10 yard line and the Steelers tackled the returner at the 15. James Pierre called for a late hit out of bounds, so the Titans starting at the 30.

The end of the 3rd quarter, the Titans have the ball down 27-17. Plenty of game left to play.

The Titans are marching down the field with a healthy dose of Derrick Henry. A nice 2nd down pass to AJ Brown. TJ Watt would have deflected the pass, but Derrick Henry hit him as he reached up and knocked him off course. A short run and 1st down conversion for the Titans.

AJ Brown another great catch over the middle, deflecting the ball to himself. Tyson Alualu deflected the ball at the line of scrimmage, but still complete. These deflections are not bouncing the Steelers way today.

Derrick Henry nearly reached across for the touchdown, but the referees spotted him just barely short.

Chris Wormley banged up on the play. Terrell Edmunds with a great deflection in the end zone bringing up 3rd down.

On 3rd down, the immovable object of the Steelers defense beat out the unstoppable force of Derrick Henry. 4th down for the Titans with barely a yard to go. They are opting to go for it.

This is a huge 4th down here in this game. The ball falls incomplete, but Minkah Fitzpatrick called for holding. A fresh set of downs for the Titans. Huge bummer for the Steelers defense who dominated the goal line stand.

Derrick Henry on 1st down dove over the line for the touchdown. 27-24 Steelers.

Robert Spillane was banged up on the goal line stand after making a crucial 3rd down tackle.

Ulysees Gilbert likely to get the snaps if Spillane is out for the rest of the game.

Henry Mondeuax with the holding on the kick return. The Steelers starting at their own 9 yard line. Eric Ebron reception on 1st down for a small pickup of 2 yards.

Ben drops back on 2nd down and hit Ebron for a 7 yard pickup, just short of the 1st down.

Ben drops back again on 3rd and short to Juju on a drag route across the field. The 1st down successfully picked up.

Ben to Juju on 2nd down, but the coverage was tight. Incomplete. 3rd and 7 for the Steelers offense. Most important play of the game right now.

Ben to Juju who got hit in the air and span around for a 1st down pickup. Jayon Brown down injured on the 1st down conversion play.

Ben goes back to Juju after the injury timeout. A deep reception for the two, as the Steelers enter Titans territory. A good field flipper now that was much needed for the Steelers.

James Conner ran on 2nd for a nice pickup. He was tackled by his helmet, but no penalty called. Juju Smith-Schuster converted the 1st down.

The CBS camera and broadcast appears to be struggling at the end of the game. Hopefully I can keep you updated for the end of the game.

The coverage is back and James Washington picks up 4 on 2nd down. Diontae Johnson picks up the 1st down, but is down injured with a knee injury.

3:53 to go in the game and the Steelers are deep in the red zone. A touchdown here all but seals the deal. Diontae Johnson was able to walk off, but had a limp.

Jaylen Samuels on a sweep to the right side, picking up 5. James Conner up the middle on 2nd down for a pickup of 3. 3rd and 2 for the Steelers.

Chase Claypool across the middle for the Steelers. He was ruled just short of the 1st down, but it looked like a good conversion to me. Pass interference called on the offense. 3rd and 12 from the 20.

Ben Roethlisberger threw into triple coverage. Juju had the touchdown, but Jayon Brown punched the ball out – interception. The Titans get the ball back with 2:35 to go down 3.

False start on the Titans offense is backing the Titans up to 2nd and 7. The Titans get the 1st down and more. To the their own 40 yard line. Jonnu Smith with the completion short of the first down to bring the game to the 2:00 warning.

The number one overall defense has a tough task ahead of them. Derrick Henry is known for his late game heroics, and this Titans game has been-there-and-done-that this season already.

A nice tackle for loss by Haden on Derrick Henry one on one set up 3rd down, but they converted on a wide open pass to Corey Davis.

A couple tackles for loss and the Titans have 3rd and 12. AJ Brown wide open in double coverage on the right side. Haden and Terrell Edmunds. A big completion and the Titans have the ball in the red zone. Ryan Tannehill threw the ball away, but nobody was in the area. Should be a loss of downs and penalty, also a 10 second runoff.

The 3rd down pass falls incomplete. The Titans will have a 46 yard field goal. Gostkowski already hit a 50+ yarder this game.

Gostkowski missed and the Steelers win 27-24.

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