2020 Week 5 Steelers Vs Eagles Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Steelers are leading 17-14 at the half and will start out the half on offense.

So far, Diontae Johnson and David DeCastro have been banged up for the Steelers offense, but rookie Chase Claypool has stepped up and stolen the show.

The Steelers defense had its struggles in the first half, but have consistently made adjustments and played lights out in the second half so far this season. Lets hope that trend continues.

The Steelers go to Chase Claypool on the first play of the half. Claypool picks up around 5 yards for a hard-to-come-by successful 1st down play.

The 3rd and 5 play was complete to Eric Ebron who bear-crawled his way to a 1st down.

Ray-Ray McCloud came around on the reverse, and took the ball 58 yards. A key block from Vance McDonald on Darius Slay. McCloud is fast – whew.

Fletcher Cox down hurt on the play. Looks like a calf injury. One of the key matchups of the day erased by injuries as both DeCastro and Cox are out.

Of course, our very own Dave Bryan called it.

Chase Claypool on the WR bubble screen. Another touchdown. That is three for the rookie. 24-14 Steelers.

Stephon Tuitt deflects the pass on 1st down. On 2nd and long, Steven Nelson gets the interception on an errant Wentz pass. The Steelers are about to have a chance to put this game away early in the 2nd half.

James Conner with a nice rush to pick up the first down. The Steelers are down around the 12 yard line with a 1st down.

James Washington was running to the back of the end zone, but was interfered with. The Steelers will go half the distance to the goal with another fresh set of downs. The Steelers go to James Conner on 1st down and he is just barely shy of the touchdown.

The Steelers send Claypool in motion on both plays at the goal line. He has earned the fear of the Eagles defense who must respect what he is doing. James Conner takes it up the middle for the standing touchdown. The Steelers go over 30 for the first time in 23 games. 31-14 Steelers.

Mike Hilton with another sack. Making him one of the top sack-artists in the league… as a defensive back. He is going to get big money this offseason.

On 3rd and long, Wentz completes a long one to Travis Fulgham. The Steelers 3rd down defense continues to strong with another explosive play for the 1st down. Have to give credit to Wentz and Fulgham, that was not an easy catch.

A soft pass interference call on Joe Haden brings up a fresh set of downs for the Eagles. Haden ran the route for the receiver – completely outplayed him and gets called for the PI. Tough break.

The Eagles are on the 8 yard line with 2nd and goal. Wentz drops back and lobs the ball into the end zone. Haden hesitated on the receivers break. Greg Ward touchdown. The Eagles go for two and succeed. 31-22 Steelers

The Steelers secondary is not having a great game against the banged up Eagles’ receiving corps. That was a great play call for the touchdown against the max blitz.

Ray-Ray McCloud took the ball out from 5 yards deep in the end zone. Doesn’t start the Steelers with good field position. Should have taken the touchback. Hard to criticize the decision given how explosive McCloud has been.

The Steelers convert on 3rd down with some early down help from a neutral zone infraction. James Washington took it across the middle for the fresh set of downs with Darius Slay in coverage. Slay has had an excellent season so far – not so much in week 5 against the Steelers.

Chase Claypool with a questionable deep catch along the sideline. The ruling on the field was a catch, but it is under review. The call is reversed, no good.

It was a close one:

3rd and 11 for the Steelers coming up. Juju gets an 11 yard pickup, but Eric Ebron had a false start to back them up the play before. The Steelers end a drive without points for the first time since early in the 1st half.

A nice punt by Dustin Colquitt, who pinned the ball in the corner around the 18 yard line. With how much time is left in the game, this was a crucial start for the Steelers defense.

The Steelers defense brings up 3rd and 8 after a dropped screen pass by Zach Ertz.

Travis Fulgham with a jump ball to convert for the 1st down. The 3rd down struggles continue. Steven Nelson in coverage, but he didn’t have much of a chance there.

They go back to Fulgham again in the middle of the field for a 19 yard pickup and the Eagles offense is rolling.

Rookie QB, Jalen Hurts, in for the 1st down play, and he completes the pass for 18 yards. Minkah Fitzpatrick in coverage.

The Eagles needed a receiver to step up, and Fulgham did that and more. He caught the ball along the sideline with Mike Hilton in coverage. A size mismatch between the two. The Eagles are on the 10 yard line with 1st and goal, but a false start brings them back to 1st and goal from the 15.

The Eagles offensive line is giving Carson Wentz all the time he needs. There are a couple matchups that look like mismatches on paper that aren’t getting home, Chiefly Bud Dupree on Jordan Mailata.

TJ Watt was dinged up on the play. Travis Fulgham with the touchdown. He didn’t want Claypool to steal the show, and is making a case of his own to be the games MVP. 31-29 Steelers.

Good teams need their “lesser” side of the football to step up and win games from time to time. This looks like one of those games. The defense can not find its footing in the 2nd half. The offense will have to kill some clock and score here or this could get ugly.

Juju Smith-Schuster picked up the 1st down along the left sideline with nobody close in coverage.

On 1st, James Conner gets stuffed for a loss of 1. Back to Conner on 2nd and he only picks up 2 on the screen. A massive 3rd and long. Roethlisberger throws deep due to the offsides penalty. The Steelers will get a chance from a little closer. 3rd and 4.

In a big moment, Ben goes back to Chase Claypool who picks up the 1st down in tight coverage.

Kevin Dotson called for a hold against Fletcher Cox. On 1st and long, Benny Snell Jr. picks up 8 yards for a successful play. Chase Claypool had a catch that almost went for a touchdown, but a terrible offensive pass interference called. Claypool almost had his 4th touchdown but was robbed.

The Steelers are back around the 50 yard line with a very long 3rd down. Eric Ebron seemingly dropped the ball, but its called a fumble with the Eagles recovering. This will be under review during the break.

The fumble was upheld. The Eagles get the ball around the 40 yard line. On 1st down Terrell Edmunds breaks up the pass. On 2nd down, Wentz to John Hightower along the right sideline for a gain of 9. 3rd and short coming up in Steelers territory.

Stephon Tuitt with the sack on 1st down putting the Eagles right around mid field. The receiver was wide open if Tuitt didn’t get the sack. Big time play. Miles Sanders picks up several yards on 2nd down to bring up 3rd and 5.

Joe Haden breaks up the 3rd down play. The Eagles are lining up for a long field goal. The field goal is no good. Steelers keep hold of the lead. The 3rd down defense got their first stop in what feels like the entire game at just the right time.

On first down, the Steelers go to James Conner up the middle for a short gain. A flag was thrown, facemask on the Eagles. A fresh set of downs and better field position to start this drive.

The Eagles are opting to burn timeouts well before the 2 minute warning. A similar situation on 2nd down as Ebron fails to catch the ball – this time being called an interception. The ball clearly bounced off the turf. Ruling was changed to an incomplete pass. Third down and 8. A huge play upcoming here.

Chase Claypool is the hero of the game. Wide open for his fourth touchdown of the day. 38-29 Steelers.

Bud Dupree and Stephon Tuitt come in for the 5th Steelers sack of the game. All of a sudden the Steelers are cranking up the pressure as Watt and Dupree chase Wentz out to the boundary to make him throw it away.

On 4th and 20 Steven Nelson gets the interception. He should have just batted the ball away to get the ball near the Eagles’ end zone, but its better than a long reception.

The Steelers looking to seal the game here and need only 1 first down to make it happen. Unfortunately, Pouncey was hurt near the end of the game.

With DeCastro out, Dotson was probably benefiting hugely from the veteran presence of Pouncey next to him. Any extended time with this setup and it could mean trouble for the Steelers moving forward.

Final Score: 38-29 Steelers.


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