2020 Week 5 Steelers Vs Eagles Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Steelers lead the Browns 24-7 at half, but not without a cost as Devin Bush went down with a non-contact knee injury. He was ruled questionable to return to the game with a knee injury.

Baker Mayfield is questionable to return to the 2nd half after that large Cameron Heyward hit on 3rd down.

Nothing to read into with the “questionable” designation on Bush per Dr. Melanie Friedlander. He should be downgraded to “out” after the half.

Baker Mayfield is back in the game, but he looks hobbled a bit. One more shot and we could see Case Keenum.

Bud Dupree with a sack for a sizeable loss on 2nd down. Watt got in there late too. 3rd and 18 coming for Baker on his own 10 yard line. Delay of game called on the Browns so they are now on their own 5 yard line. 3rd and 23.

Baker has been sacked 4 times today, but probably should have been sacked about 8 times. They rushed on 3rd and long to give themselves more room to punt, but Stephon Tuitt punched the ball out. The Browns recovered and will be punting from the back of their end zone. A really nice punt for the Browns, McCloud returned it just across the midfield mark.

Devin Bush was declared out for the rest of the game.

The Steelers get to 3rd and 1 after a nice James Conner run, but attempt a pass to Ray-Ray McCloud on 3rd down. Nearly an interception. The Steelers are lined up to go for it on 4th and 1. James Conner nearly didn’t pick up the 1st, but makes it on the 2nd effort.

Back to Conner on first down who picks up 7, but a flag on the play. Maurkice Pouncery with the hold.

Ben Roethlisberger keeps the ball and picks up about 5 yards to make up some of the penalty yardage. A short pass to Eric Ebron on 2nd setting up 3rd and 13. Ben drops back and tosses to Eric Ebron across the field in double coverage. Ebron called for pass interference, so a 1st down conversion becomes 3rd and 23.

Is this pass interference?

Ben to Claypool to the 40 yard line. They are not in field goal range, so the Steelers will punt on 4th and 16.

Mike HIlton came in and tripped up the runner in the backfield free on the blitz. Bud Dupree finished the play. Hilton looked to be holding his shoulder after the hit and came off to the sideline.

The Browns did not convert on 3rd down as the receiver couldn’t hold onto the ball before going out of bounds. The Browns are challenging the call of an incomplete pass. The pass was complete after the challenge, but they were short of the 1st down. 4th and a foot as the Browns will go for it (obviously).

The Browns send someone in motion to try and make the defenders hesitate, but hand it off to Kareem Hunt. The Steelers defense swallows him up for a loss of 2. Steelers take over on downs.

Stephon Tuitt may be the best player in this incredible front 7. Making play after play.

The Steelers are trying to close out the game rushing the ball. Something they haven’t been able to do consistently so far this season. James Conner nearing the 100 yard mark. Currently 85 yards rushing and a TD.

The Steelers chewing some clock up here while they march down the field to make this game completely out of reach for the Browns.

Kevin Dotson continues to be a problem for opposing defensive lineman creating so much push in the rushing game. The Steelers came up just short of the 1st down near the end zone. Ben Roethlisberger tried to get the defense to jump offsides, but he snapped it to catch them off guards to QB sneak for the 1st down.

Chase Claypool gets the handoff for the sweep, and carries it in for the touchdown! 31-7 Steelers.

A little update around the NFL, the Ravens are handily winning against the Eagles and the Bengals are in a close game against the Colts after leading early. The only other undefeated team in the AFC, The Tennessee Titans are down by 2 late in the game. The Steelers could seize lone control of the AFC.

The Browns have pulled Baker Mayfield. He was in some pain, but they also realized this game is out of reach. The white flag being waived before the start of the 4th quarter.

Robert Spillane tackled the screen immediately on 1st down for a loss of 6 with a huge hit on Austin Hooper.

Joe Haden broke up the 3rd down pass to Jarvis Landry. The Browns have 4th and 2 here and will go for it. The pass was behind the receiver from Keenum. Vince Williams came in and hit him to ensure the completion could not be made.

James Conner crossed the 100 yard mark rushing for the day against a good Cleveland rushing defense. The Steelers are threatening to widen the score gap again down around the redzone.

Pouncey pulled out of the game as a precaution as he was banged up last week a bit. J.C. Hassenauer in for him at center. Chase Claypool gets the reception. and reached out for the pylon to get another touchdown, but was down just short. Amazing effort by the rookie though. Benny Snell Jr. carried it in for the touchdown the very next play. 38-7 Steelers.

Hilton ruled out now. Doesn’t indicate anything necessarily as the blowout could have them playing it safe. Hope his shoulder is okay.

The Steelers do not look content riding this thing out. They are looking to run up the score. Another 4th and 1 stuff for a turnover on downs. A classic old school Steelers vs. Browns blowout at Heinz field. This is as stress free I have been for a Steelers game in many years.

Anthony McFarland getting the carries now late in the game. A lot of starters starting to be pulled in garbage time. Mason Rudolph in for Ben as well. A quick three-and-out. Bummer for his only opportunity on the season.

This game has 3:00 off, but everyone has already moved on to the twitter machine and recapping the game. The white flag was waived before the 4th quarter even began.

Joe Haden still in there making plays, hitting Peoples-Jones just as the ball hit his hands. Forcing 4th down. The Browns punt, but there is a flag on the play. The Steelers get the ball and go into victory formation.

Steelers advance to 5-0 by a score of 38-7.

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