Cam Heyward Named Week 1 NFLPA Community MVP

We could all use some good news in our lives right now. And Cam Heyward is the man for the job. Heyward was named the NFL’s Community MVP, as voted on by the player’s union, for generosity shown by his Rufus and Judy Jordan Literacy Project. Heyward’s program installed several libraries in and around the Pittsburgh community.

“It’s an honor to receive the NFLPA Community MVP for a second year in a row,” Heyward told the NFLPA website. “The work that I do with my foundation is not to achieve awards, but to impact children in many ways.”

Heyward was named the MVP in Week 9 of 2019 after raising over $200,000 for his foundation. That money was used to hand out backpacks and food for kids while another project gave dress shirts and business attire for kids who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

For winning the award, the player’s union will donate $10,000 to the Heyward House.

According to Heyward’s foundation website, the Literacy Project aims to:

“In its first phase, the project aims to continue Rufus and his wife Judy’s legacy of spreading a love of reading, learning, and education across our region by installing Little Free Libraries in under-served communities throughout our region. The Literacy Project will have a special emphasis on social justice, racial equality, financial literacy, and life skills.”

Rufus and Judy were teachers for Pittsburgh Public schools for decades and this is Heyward’s way to honor them while giving back to the local community. Heyward has been a leader on and off the field and his Heyward House Project have helped countless numbers of Pittsburghers.

Steelers Depot has pledged to donate $100 to the Heyward House for every sack Heyward records during the 2020 season.

Heyward is just one of many Steelers who give back to the area. Ben Roethlisberger, Maurkice Pouncey, and Vince Williams are just some of his teammates who have helped off the field as much as they have on it.

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