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Cameron Heyward Not Thrilled Over All-Decade Snub

The NFL released its 2010s All-Decade team earlier this week, and overall, the Pittsburgh Steelers could have done worse. They were represented by two players, both on offense, and both from the 2010 NFL Draft. First-round pick, center Maurkice Pouncey, as well as Antonio Brown, the wide receiver taken in the sixth round, were both among those included.

What about those excluded? Most of them didn’t have much of an argument. Some did, though. Joe Haden already let it be know that he is on his own All-Pro team, comparing his interception and pass defensed numbers to the cornerbacks and defensive backs who did make it.

Now a second Steeler has gone to social media to acknowledge that he feels he was snubbed. Cameron Heyward isn’t typically the kind of guy to go around tooting his own horn, but when you ask him, he won’t tell you that his goal is to be the best player at his position, even the best defensive player in the league.

According to the NFL, he wasn’t even one of the best defensive ends of the past 10 years. As a reminder, the four defensive ends who were included on the All-Decade team were J.J. Watt, Cameron Jordan, Julius Peppers, and Calais Campbell. Of the four, the first two were, like Heyward, drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Campbell was drafted in 2008, so he played the entire decade.

“All Decade…. My a**”, he opined on social media last night, obviously making reference to the fact that he was not included. That Tweet was preceded by another one in which he warned, “y’all gonna stop sleepin on me”, saying, “you might have crowned others but I’m coming for them all”.

Heyward is one of 19 players to register at least 29 sacks over the span of the past three seasons, during which he was named a Pro Bowler three times and a first-team All-Pro twice. The majority of those players are edge defenders, though Aaron Donald is second with 44. Jordan is third, with 40 and a half sacks.

“ANGER can be such an effective tool”, was Heyward’s final Tweet of the night, at a little after 10. With the way he has played over the past few seasons, it’s hard to imagine him having another gear to take his game to yet another level, but if his All-Decade snub can add just a little but more fuel to the fire, I’ll certainly take it, even if I don’t think he has ever been lacking for motivation.

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