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Senior Bowl Interview With Cincinnati TE Josiah Deguara

Senior Bowl is a great chance to meet and talk to dozens of players invited for the week in Mobile. Perhaps ones that’ll become future Pittsburgh Steelers. While we’ve profiled some players already, for some of the shorter interviews, I wanted to provide a transcript of those interviews.

Here is our interview with Cincinnati TE/FB Josiah Deguara during the Tuesday media day portion of the Senior Bowl. We hope to have a scouting report on him before the 2020 draft.

Question: What are your first impressions of the week and what are you looking to show?

Answer: It’s a blessing to be out here first of all with all these great players. One thing I just want to show this week is my playmaking ability my versatility. I’ll be playing a little fullback this week. So playing a little fullback, tight end, making plays down the field, blocking, fitting up on linebackers. Trying to show teams I can do a lot of different things and I can do them pretty well.

Question: Did you play fullback at Cincinnati?

Answer: I never played traditional fullback in a pro scheme but I’ve done a lot in the backfield field moving around in our offense. It’s not something unfamiliar with me. Just the little things. Setting up, the angles I gotta take out of the backfield are a little bit new. I’m pretty sure I’ll get it pretty quick.

Question: You’ve worked out of a three point stance before. Does that give you an advantage this week?

Answer: I think it does. I’ve done a lot of different things in our offense. I blocked a lot, I also caught the ball a lot. So I’m comfortable doing a lot of different things and I think that’ll only help me out here.

Question: What is your strength? Where do you excel?

Answer: I think it is that versatility aspect. I’m not a bruiser. I’m not 6’6 ,270 but if you put me in the slot, I can win one on one battles. If you fit me up on linebackers or blocking d-ends I can do that as well. So I think my versatility is my biggest strength.

Question: Have you met with the Steelers yet?

Answer: I haven’t met with the Steelers yet.

Question: What do you know about them?

Answer: There’s a little Steelers’ bar on campus.

Question: Have you ever been there?

Answer: I have been. It’s full of Steelers’ fans. It’s not too liked in Bengals’ country. I don’t know too much about Pittsburgh but I know the rivalry.

Question: You caught a lot of attention for this touchdown saving tackle against UCLA. What was your mentality on that play? Take me through it.

Answer: First of all, that’s what our team prides itself on. Outworking the opponent. And even though it was a bad thing for us with the pick, the game could’ve been a lot different if I didn’t have the opportunity to make that play. That’s something I pride myself on. Playing through the whistle. I’m glad I got the opportunity to make that play even though it wasn’t a great play for our team. I had the opportunity to make a play for our team and stop momentum and I’m glad I was able to do it for us.

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