First Offseason Weekend Of 2020: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of yinz and welcome to the first official weekend of the NFL offseason.

While the 2019 NFL season is now over, at least there will be some football for us to watch for the next several weeks as the new XFL league will begin play this weekend. Personally, I look forward to watching the initial games to see how the league’s different rules affect the game. I will be cheering on the Dallas Renegades as that’s the team former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones plays for.

Next week I will be heading back to Florida to look in on my mother for several days so after Monday’s podcast I won’t be active on the site until the following Tuesday. As usual, Alex Kozora and Matthew Marczi will be handling the site and they, along with the other great writers, should have plenty of content to keep you entertained while I am away.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer during this Friday night and I hope to see several participate. Thank you for making 2019 season the best one this site has ever had and thank you for all the continued patronage.

Thank you also to David Orochena for running the Friday Night Five Questions contest again this past season.

Have a safe and prosperous weekend and peace and love to all!

1 – Will you watch any of the XFL games this weekend?

2 – What’s your favorite XFL team logo?

3 – Should the Steelers draft a running back with their second or third-round selection this year?

4 – Are you on Twitter and if so, how often?

5 – What is the best movie that you’ve seen in the last six months?

Recap of Super Bowl LIV Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. 66.7% of Steelers Depot respondents earned a point by correctly predicting the winner.

Question 2: The Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers scored 51 combined points. They would have scored more than 55.5 points if the 49ers had managed a score at the end of the game. The 49ers offense was shut down so the 45.5% of respondents who said the teams would score less than 55.5 points go he point.

Question 3: The defenses intercepted two passes each but did not score on any of the four turnovers. 72.7% of respondents earned a point on this question.

Question 4: Patrick Mahomes threw for 286 passing yards. He was just short of 299.5. Only 30.3% of respondents believed Mahomes would not reach 300 passing yards.

Question 5:  Troy Polamalu was rightfully voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, the voters unjustly kept Alan Faneca out. 44.4% of respondents understand that the NFL and its associates have an axe to grind with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They of course knew that the voters could not bring themselves to do the right thing and allow both Troy and Alan to take their rightful places in the hall.

Previous Week: Only 36% of respondents still had their pick to win the Super Bowl alive from the wildcard weekend. Of those, 62.5% picked the Chiefs to win and picked up an additional point.

Four respondents hit the five-point bonus by answering questions 1-4 correctly. Hoptown, who missed by one the previous week, but hit the jackpot this week. He was joined by FlaFan47, B&G, and Andy N who also scored the bonus. Perseverance paid off!

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions SB LIV Winner More/less 55.5 total points Defensive TD? Mahomes Passes > 299.5? Polamalu & Faneca in HoF?
Correct Answers CHIEFS LESS NO NO NO


Hoptown came from behind to edge out Ichabod for the $50 pot. Send me a DM with your email so I can send you your winnings via PayPal.

Thanks to all that participated in the postseason contest. Steelers Depot will continue the contest next season. We may change it by adding weekly winners in addition to the season winner next season. Hope you all enjoyed it.


Final Postseason Leaderboard:

hoptown 27 1st +3
Ichabod 25 2nd (tie) -1
Andy N 25 2nd (tie) +6
B&G 24 4th +11
FlaFan47 23 5th +18
DirtDawg1964 21 6th +2
Jason Campbell 20 7th (tie) -5
Chad Weiss 20 7th (tie) -1
Douglas Prostorog 19 9th (tie) -7
Slim Stew 19 9th (tie) -5
Andrew 19 9th (tie) -5
Andi B 19 9th (tie) -1
Steven Small 19 9th (tie) +12
Steel_Man24 18 14th (tie) -10
RMSteeler 18 14th (tie) -6
ProVarinati (Rob T) 18 14th (tie) +1
Keneyeam 18 14th (tie) +1
Don2727 18 14th (tie) +9
Beeze 17 19th (tie) -4
Jeff McNeil 17 19th (tie) -4
Earl 16 21st (tie) -13
Wes Lee 16 21st (tie) +2
Beaver Falls Hosiery 16 21st (tie) +2
Jason W 15 24th (tie) -16
tonyamos7 15 24th (tie) -1
Chris92021 15 24th (tie) -1
PittShawnC 14 27th (tie) -12
ManRayX 14 27th (tie) -6
*SJT63 14 27th (tie) +5
Jaybird 13 30th

*New to Leaderboard

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