2019 NFL Week 12: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of yinz and here’s to everyone’s weekend being off to a great start.

This past week certainly has been a mess thanks to all the fallout from the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night loss to the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately, that fallout and talk from what all transpired late in that game will carry over into this next week with those two teams playing each other again a week from Sunday. Thankfully Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey had his suspension shortened by one game this week. That’s about the only real positive the team has had since Thursday night other than it looking like rookie wide receiver Diontae Johnson seemingly quickly recovering from the concussion he suffered against the Browns.

The Steelers will play the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday on the road and even though they’ll be short several key players on the offensive side of the football, they should still be expected to win that game. It’s going to be a rough week ahead if they don’t. If the Steelers win on Sunday and the Oakland Raiders lose to the New York Jets, the team will be right back in the hunt for a playoff spot with just five games remaining. Even if the Raiders win on Sunday, the Steelers will still be in decent shape if they beat the Bengals.

Not much is on tap for me this weekend other than sitting around and watching a lot of football. I went last Saturday to get a flu and shingles shot and those took me down hard for nearly 48 hours. I still managed to work through the flu-like symptoms and got stuff done, but it was a process.

I am currently working on going through the process of buying a puppy K-9 for the Las Vegas Police Department and if successful, I hope to make it a yearly tradition. It beats giving that kind of money to Uncle Sam.

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving and that’s my favorite day of the year. For several years now wifey and I have a tradition of making a run to Honey Baked Ham and spending roughly $200 on all the fixings. We then eat on it through the weekend. No fuss, just good food.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer starting tonight and up until the Steelers Sunday game against the Bengals gets underway. I look forward to reading the replies.

Have a great and safe weekend and peace and love to all. Thank you for visiting the site this past week as well.

1 – Over/under 246.5 passing yards for Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph on Sunday against the Bengals?

2 – Will any one Steelers player record at least four receptions on Sunday against the Bengals?

3 – Over/under 37.5 total points being scored in Sunday’s game between the Steelers and Bengals?

4 – True or false: Steelers rookie running back Benny Snell Jr. will score at least one touchdown on Sunday against the Bengals.

5 – Over/under 1.75 combined sacks by Steelers outside linebackers T.J. Watt and Bud Dupree on Sunday against the Bengals.

Recap of 2019 NFL Week 11 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: The Baltimore Ravens easily defeated the Houston Texans. The result severely hurt any chance for the Steelers to win the AFC North. On the other hand, it dropped the Texans to 6-4 and put Pittsburgh within striking distance of a wild card spot versus the AFC South runner-up. The Oakland Raiders are also 6-4. Steelers Depot respondents scored well on this question with 73.3% predicting a Crow win.

Question 2: The Indianapolis Colts beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 33-13. Both the Colts and Texans have 6-4 records in the AFC South. They played head to head Thursday night. The Texans won so the Steelers could slip back into a wildcard position if they can get by the Bengals and the Raiders lose to the Jets. Also need help from Jacksonville to beat Tennessee. A slim 51.1% majority of Depot respondents picked the Colts to beat the Jaguars and got a point for this question.

Question 3: Maurkice Pouncey called in to appeal his suspension on Tuesday. The NFL reduced his suspension from three to two games yesterday. B.J. Finney must fill the void created by his absence. 40% of respondents got this question correct.

Question 4: Going into Week 11, NFL teams averaged just over three successful two-point conversions per week. The median response of Depot readers predicted three successful two-point conversions in Week 11. NFL teams attempted 11 two-point conversions following touchdowns last week. Four attempts succeeded. However, the Colts scored a defensive two-point conversion after intercepting the Jaguars attempt near the end of their game. So, five two-point conversions were successful; four offensive and one defensive. Just four respondents nailed the answer.

Question 5: The Cincinnati Bengals drove the ball to the 27-yard line in the 4th quarter but turned the ball over on downs. Their last drive ended with an interception. Oakland held on for a 17-10 win and the Bengals failed to score more than the 15.2 points they were averaging going into the game. 42.2% of respondents earned a point by answering “no” to the Bengals scoring more than their average.

Previous Weeks: There are 15- and 5-point bonus up for grabs from week 1 by correctly predicting the Steelers and Browns regular season records for those that answered. The Browns beat the Steelers Thursday night.  So, 79.3% are still in the running for the 15 point and 96.3% for the 5-point bonuses. 78.1% could end up with both.

Five folks who had answered every week, including board leader ManRayX, failed to respond this past week. There are still 35 folks with perfect records.

No one hit the weekly five-point bonus this week by answered all five questions correctly! Wa_steel and Kdog missed the bonus by one question. Kdog picked the Jaguars instead of the Colts to win. Wa_steel predicted four successful two-point conversions in Week 11. Good show!

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Ravens or Texans Colts or Jaguars Pouncey Suspension reduced on appeal? Total 2-point conversions Bengals Score over 15.2
Correct Answers RAVENS COLTS TRUE 5 NO


ManRayX remains in first place on the leaderboard for sixth week in a row despite playing hooky this past week. Jamie Barnhart is in second but has closed the gap. PittShawnC remains in third just four points off the lead.  

Three respondents are back on the leaderboard. I made a previous scoring error on Kdog and his corrected point total placed him back on the board. Just missing the weekly bonus puts wa_steel back for the first time since Week 5. Beeze is making his first appearance this season. Three folks dropped out this week. They should be back in the mix with a robust performance this week, but you got to answer to get points.

Don’t forget to respond this weekend so that you all can maintain the pace. It just takes one good set of answers to make a significant move toward the prize money.

Leaderboard after week 11:

ManRayX 45 1st
Jamie Barnhart 42 2nd
PittShawnC 41 3rd
Andy N 40 4th -3
Jason W 39 5th -2
Jeremy 38 6th (tie) +1
Christopher 38 6th (tie) +1
mokhkw 38 6th (tie) +4
SJT63 38 6th (tie) +4
PaeperCup 38 6th (tie) +4
Slim Stew 37 11th (tie) -8
Steven Small 37 11th (tie) -4
Ted Webb 37 11th (tie) +3
B&G 37 11th (tie) +3
Ichabod 36 15th (tie) -1
Beaver Falls Hosiery 36 15th (tie) -1
Reese Dare 36 15th (tie) +3
Andi B 35 18th (tie) -8
hoptown 35 18th (tie) +1
*Kdog 35 18th (tie) +30
Wes Lee 34 21st (tie) -2
6 ring circus 34 21st (tie) -2
DirtDawg1964 34 21st (tie) -2
Marcel Chris Chauvet 34 21st (tie) +4
Jeff Papiernik 33 25th (tie) -6
GreenBastard 33 25th (tie) -6
tonyamos7 33 25th (tie) +3
Jaybird 33 25th (tie) +3
Earl 33 25th (tie) +3
Keneyeam 33 25th (tie) +3
MP 32 31st (tie) -6
*Beeze 32 31st (tie) +3
*wa_steel 32 31st (tie) +10

*New to Leaderboard

ANNOUNCEMENT: After conferring with Steelers Depot headquarters, a decision was reached to declare the winners at the end of the regular season. Awards will be allocated as described at the beginning of the season. Then we will go into the playoffs that will run up to the Friday before the Super Bowl with a $50 winner take all pot for whomever is the best prognosticator in the postseason.

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