2019 NFL Week 5: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and I hope all of yinz are doing super great! It’s a great day to be alive.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Baltimore Ravens Sunday at Heinz Field and like several of the previous games between these two teams over the years, I expect this one to be a close one. Should the Steelers win on Sunday and the Cleveland Browns lose Monday night to the San Francisco 49ers, the Black and Gold will be atop the AFC North division. Given all that’s happened so far this season, that would be a huge accomplishment.

I’m probably going to sneak out late, late tonight to go see The Joker. The best thing about the movie theaters in a few of the Las Vegas casinos is that they are never full and not even when blockbusters come out.

Did you miss Matthew Marczi this week? He’s been on a well-deserved vacation since Saturday and should be back at it by Sunday at the latest. I sure did miss him.

I’ve been bust charting old Steelers games every chance I get and that’s certainly fun to do. It’s easy to get caught re-watching the games instead of doing the work.

Ok, as usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer prior to the kickoff of the Sunday game and us usual, the great David O. is keeping score.

God bless and have a super amazing weekend. Here’s to hoping it includes a Steelers win over the Ravens.

1 – True or false: Steelers running back Jaylen Samuels will throw a pass beyond the line of scrimmage against the Ravens on Sunday.

2 – How may touchdown passes will Mason Rudolph throw on Sunday against the Ravens?

3 – What yard-line will the Steelers offense begin their best field position of the game? (EXAMPLE: BAL 28, PIT 48, MID 50)

4 – Name the Steelers player who will have the deepest CAUGHT target Sunday against the Ravens.

5 – How many total field goals will be made in Sunday’s game between the Steelers and the Ravens?

Recap of 2019 NFL Week 4 Friday Night Questions

Question 1: Mason Rudolph threw 28 passes in Monday Night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Steelers Depot respondents predicted Rudolph throwing anywhere from 3-18 passes longer than 10 yards with 8 being the median response. According to NextGen Stats, three of Rudolph’s passes flew more than 10-yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Kudos to Ted Webb who was the only respondent to peg this question. Let’s see if Randy Fichtner decides to stretch the field a little bit more on Sunday.

Question 2: Jaylen Samuels caught eight passes for 57 yards against the Bengals. He was well over 2.5 receptions. 41.4% of optimistic respondents received a point. Unrelated but interestingly, Samuels was even credited with three pass completions and a 109.7 quarterback rating.

Question 3: This became a gimme once Vance McDonald was ruled inactive 90 minutes before kickoff. However, the vast majority of folks had responded well before the inactive list was announced. With reports of the Vanimal in a sling, an overwhelming majority of 87.1% said that TE Nick Vannett would play more than 25 offensive snaps against the Bengals. The Pro Football Reference credits Vannett with 44 offensive snaps. He only had two catches, but one was a clutch reception on 2nd & 15 as Rudolph scrambled and threw it to Vannett for a first down.

Question 4: The Steelers defense kept a lid on the Bengals explosive offense. John Ross & Tyler Boyd were limited to 6 catches for 69 yards. Auden Tate had the only Bengal play longer than 20 yards. He had a 23-yard reception during the 4th quarter drive that was ended by Mark Barron’s interception in the end zone. 91.4% took the under and the accompanying point.

Question 5: Pittsburgh easily covered the 3.5 point spread with their 27-3 victory over the Bengals. 85.7% picked the Steelers and got a point. Perhaps recognizing the weak opponent. Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens are a much more potent foe.

Please welcome three new respondents to the Steelers Depot Friday Night Questions: Steelyinzer, Tom Steelers All the Way!, & swe_de.  Answer every week and you never know; you might end up on the top of the leaderboard.

No one got the weekly 5-point bonus, but 23 folks came awfully close by answering 4 of the 5 questions correctly. The first question on how many passes would be thrown over 10-yards past the line of scrimmage was the stumper.

Jeremy is in first place for the 4th week in a row. PittShawnC & Andy N are sneaking up on him though. Can’t afford to miss a week or you’ll lose your spot. 15 new folks enter the leaderboard this week. Let’s see who is going to climb up the ranks.  Keep up the excellent work folks!

Leaderboard after week 4:

Jeremy 16 1st
PittShawnC 15 2nd (tie) +1
Andy N 15 2nd (tie) +1
Steven Small 14 4th (tie) -3
PaeperCup 14 4th (tie) -1
Slim Stew 14 4th (tie) -1
6 ring circus 14 4th (tie) -1
Marcel Chris Chauvet 14 4th (tie) +6
FlaFan47 14 4th (tie) +6
Ted Webb 14 4th (tie) +6
pittfan 14 4th (tie) +6
don2727 14 4th (tie) +6
Christopher 13 13th (tie) -10
B&G 13 13th (tie) -10
MP 13 13th (tie) -3
SJT63 13 13th (tie) -3
Andi B 13 13th (tie) -3
Kdog 13 13th (tie) -3
wa_steel 13 13th (tie) -3
Jason W 13 13th (tie) -3
hoptown 13 13th (tie) -3
·         Ichabod 13 13th (tie) +11
·         Chris92021 13 13th (tie) +11
·         MattSteelCurtain91 13 13th (tie) +11
Matt Manzo 12 25th (tie) -15
·         Jamie Barnhart 12 25th (tie) -1
·         Reese Dare 12 25th (tie) -1
·         tonyamos7 12 25th (tie) -1
·         DirtDawg1964 12 25th (tie) -1
·         Wes Lee 12 25th (tie) -1
·         Earl 12 25th (tie) -1
·         GreenBastard 12 25th (tie) -1
·         Jeff McNeil 12 25th (tie) -1
·         Rod Hedrick 12 25th (tie) +15
·         IC in Cincy 12 25th (tie) +15
·         Jason Campbell 12 25th (tie) +15
·         TacosAndTequila 12 25th (tie) +15

*new to leaderboard

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