2019 NFL Week 4: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and I hope all are ready for an exciting weekend of football that will culminate with the Monday night game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

While they obviously will still be mathematically alive should they wind up ,losing Monday night, this week 4 game against the Bengals is a must-win. The Steelers have never lost a Monday night home game under head coach Bill Cowher or Mike Tomlin so it’s no time to break that streak at 0-3.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer on this Friday night and I look forward to reading several responses over the course of the next few days.

Have a safe and prosperous weekend and thank yinz for visiting the site this past week. Now, let’s see if this team can get a much needed Monday night win.

Go Steelers!

1 – How many passes will Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph throw more than 10 yards past the line of scrimmage Monday night against the Bengals? (penalty no plays excluded)

2 – Over/under 2.5 receptions for Steelers running back Jaylen Samuels against the Bengals?

3 – True or false: New Steelers tight end Nick Vannett will play more than 25 offensive snaps against the Bengals.

4 – Over/under 5 explosive plays of 20 yards or longer allowed Monday night by the Steelers defense.

5 – True or false: The Steelers will cover the current -3.5 point spread Monday night against the Bengals.

Recap of 2019 NFL Week 3 Friday Night Questions

Question 1: Minkah Fitzpatrick was one of the few bright lights in last week’s loss to San Francisco. He intercepted a pass in his first game wearing a Steelers uniform. Steelers Depot respondents did pretty well with this question.  32.4% predicted he would intercept his first pass against the 49ers. Another 33.8% thought his first interception would be this week against the Bengals. The rest selected weeks further in the season and a couple even said he would fail to intercept a pass this season. Let’s hope he intercepts many more.

Question 2: Not even close. Mason Rudolph’s passing game picked up in the second half, but his 174 total passing yards was well under the 265.5 posed in this question. Over 70% of respondents pick up a point by taking the under.

Question 3: The Steelers did improve in one category. The defense did not give up a touchdown over 20 yards to the 49ers this past Sunday. Only 23.65 of respondents got this correct.

Question 4: Vance McDonald’s 10-yard catch was the Steelers longest play from scrimmage for far too long. JuJu Smith-Schuster’s catch and run for 76 yards was beautiful and became the longest play from scrimmage for the offense. Respondents named six different players whom they believed would have the longest play. A slight majority of 52.9% believed Rudolph would hook-up with his former college teammate James Washington. His long play was only for 8 yards. Diontae Johnson was mentioned by 11 folks. He caught a 39-yard touchdown pass. Others mentioned were Jaylen Samuels ho got no touches. Vance McDonald with his 10-yard catch. Johnny Holton who scampered for 9-yards but was not targeted for a pass. 22% correctly picked JuJu as the long play.

Question 5: The last question asked how many games the Steelers would win between now and the bye week. So far, they are 0-1, so the best record now possible is 3-1.  No won predicted the Steelers losing all four games. 8.8% said the Steelers would win all four so are eliminated. 8.6% said the Steelers would only win one game. 42.6% believe the Steelers would go 2-2 in this stretch. 41.2% predict the Steelers winning 3 of 4. I hope this latter group is correct. Let’s beat them Bengals!

Please welcome four new respondents to the Steelers Depot Friday Night Questions. James Kling, Donte Williams, Sgrill20, & Milton Farfara. Answers every week and you never know; you might end up on the top of the leaderboard.

No one got the weekly 5-point bonus, but 9 folks came awfully close by answering 3 of the first 4 questions correctly. RiversTKO, Hoptown, & don2727 all entered the leaderboard this week. Keep up the excellent work folks!

Leaderboard after week 3:

Jeremy 11 1st (tie)
Steven Small 11 1st (tie) +3
PaeperCup 10 3rd (tie) -1
PittShawnC 10 3rd (tie)               +1
Andy N 10 3rd (tie) +1
Christopher 10 3rd (tie) +1
Slim Stew 10 3rd (tie) +1
6 ring circus 10 3rd (tie) +14
B&G 10 3rd (tie) +14
MP 9 10th (tie) -6
Marcel Chris Chauvet 9 10th (tie)             -6
SJT63 9 10th (tie)             -6
Andi B 9 10th (tie)             -6
Kdog 9 10th (tie) -6
Matt Manzo 9 10th (tie) +7
FlaFan47 9 10th (tie)             +7
Ted Webb 9 10th (tie)             +7
wa_steel 9 10th (tie)             +7
Jason W 9 10th (tie)             +7
Pittfan 9 10th (tie)             +7
RiversTKO 9 10th (tie) ·         +27
hoptown 9 10th (tie) ·         +27
don2727 9 10th (tie) ·         +27

*new to leaderboard

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