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Expect Colbert, Steelers To Show Patience On Potential Preseason Trades

Kevin Colbert

Could the Pittsburgh Steelers make a trade this summer? History says yes. Kevin Colbert is among the most active GMs in the league this time of year.

Should one happen, don’t expect to hear about it for a few more weeks.

Colbert has made ten trades since 2015. And most of them have come near the very end of the preseason process. The dates for each one he’s made over that span.


Brandon Boykin: August 1st
Josh Scobee: August 31st
Brad Wing: September 4th


Justin Gilbert: September 3rd


Lucas Crowley: August 23rd
Vance McDonald: August 29th
Sammie Coates: September 2nd
Ross Cockrell: September 2nd
JJ Wilcox: September 3rd


Ryan Switzer: August 27th

Boykin aside, nine of the ten deals have occurred on or after August 23rd. Eight of them August 29th or later.

The reason is simple. Each team, the Steelers and the rest of the league,are busy evaluating their own rosters right now. There isn’t much of an appetite for it. You can’t get a good feel for what you need and what you have until you put your roster through three or four preseason games. Injuries, of course, are a wildcard, creating needs and making teams unwilling to shake up their roster early in the process in case injury bites them at the position they’re looking to deal away.

Wanted to write this as a reminder since we’re starting to stir up some trade discussions. Will the Steelers add at tight end or safety? Both seem possible. There is no clear-cut #3 tight end on the roster right now. Zach Gentry looks as raw as he was billed to be out of Michigan, leaving Christian Scotland-Williamson as the only theoretical candidate to fill that spot. Safety seems up in the air too. Kameron Kelly has shown his ball skills and Jordan Dangerfield is the known, trusted backup but a more athletic, experienced name to the group would be a welcomed addition. How about Josh Dobbs? Is there a chance he could be dealt? Unlikely but not impossible if the right situation comes along.

All worthwhile questions but ones we won’t get an answer to for at least another two weeks.


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